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Who is your best spiritual teacher? How to find your spiritual teacher


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The path to finding your spiritual teacher may not be the journey you expect. It's not so much a challenge to find a good spiritual teacher. They abound, for every lesson we came to learn. The trick is to recognize that there is a deeper meaning than what you might initially see and to stick with the teaching til you master it.

Setting your intent to be willing to see the teaching as it comes to you may be a more beneficial focus than asking how to find your spiritual teacher. They will draw you. It's also a really good idea to be careful what you ask for.....

I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently. She told me she had finally found her spiritual teacher. I knew what she meant. She had found someone with a particular wisdom her life needed, and became aware that this person could help guide her through the particular aspects of her life that she faced which were important for her continued spiritual growth. I tried to think, in my own life, when that decision may have been conscious for me.....

I remember being offered a 6-month breathworks class after the instructor saw me perform on stage. Odd sequence of events, to be sure. She witnessed me performing, came to me after the show and offered me the class I had desired to take but did not have money to pay for at that time. She was a teacher in that moment, particularly when I asked her why she would do such a thing and she said "I'm investing in you."

The 6-month breathwork class is responsible for setting me on the road to be a healer. By the end of it, I knew that was to be my path of service for at least a decade or more, until I graduated to the level of a different paradigm with healing and a realization of the space between things. Those kinds of spiritual teachers, I love to recall. It's the others that are harder to appreciate.....

I remember being in soul partnership with a man who challenged every word out of my mouth. He carried Heyoka, or Coyote, energy which meant that whatever I held Sacred, he seemed to make fun of and whatever I believed to be true, he perpetually and inceasingly questioned. The hell of those years, and standing strong in the face of what felt like almost total opposition, is what makes me able to know what I believe now.

For many years, I was far from grateful. In fact, I felt I'd been cursed to love a man who did not have it in me to support me on any level. Now, gratitude swells in my heart for that training. I fully recognize this time in my life to contain some of the most potent and wonderful shift opportunities I've ever had. The value is inestimable. I went from cock-sure to groveling in self-doubt and back out to the other side, into a space of knowing that I don't know.

So, just as you can't judge a book by it's cover, you certainly can't judge the value of a spiritual teacher by the way you feel around them. In fact, if you search your own life now, you may find that your greatest teacher is the one around whom you feel the greatest degree of discomfort. If there is one person in your life that is most able to draw you into positions of fear, doubt, confusion, worry or defense, that may be your greatest spiritual teacher.

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