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Firing the Grid - Shelly Yates Vision
The Impact of Focused Global Prayer

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Did you fire the Grid? My Global Prayer Experience


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What About Global Prayers?

I did. In fact, I've been firing the grid since about 1993, in a conscious way.

I think most spiritual beings are lending energetic support all the time, though often in a general way rather than the specific way that Shelly Yates visioned and brought forth. So, what is the significance of global prayer? What did the vision of Shelly Yates, and the visions of all those before her who marshalled together large groups of the spiritually aware, to pray for the transformation of earth?

Shelly Yates and her "fire the grid" story: Shelly Yates and her young son were in an automobile accident that landed them both at the bottom of a lake, trapped in their car. Estimated to be dead for a half an hour, they both survived in what appear to be miraculous circumstances.

While in the between state of life and death, Shelly received a vision and a spiritual instruction from Spirit, to do something she called "firing the grid". Her spiritual vision called for a global prayer effort toward energizing a vibrational grid of spiritual energy that would beam focus to save the earth. Literally. To save the planet from extinction.

My Fire the Grid Experience: I was on vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I got up early on the morning of July 17, 2007, to fire the grid. I walked along the beach, looking at a beautiful ocean peacefully lapping against the sand. It was a pristine, perfect day where I was at the time. I started out praying and attempting to connect in with those also praying in this global prayer network. As I attempted to form prayers, I became unable to do so. Each prayer that I began to utter seemed to feel like an opinion or a judgment to me.

I struggled with this for, maybe, 10 minutes. If I prayed for peace, what about all those who prayed for holy war and righteously believed in the necessity of it? If I prayed for an end to hunger or disease, what about all those who had lessons to learn from coming into lifetimes of poverty or enduring the challenge of illness or deformity? If I prayed for the entire earth to shift frequency and accomplish enlightenment, didn't that take away the sovereign right of every other being, past present and future, to also decide the same thing? Aren't we all in this process together?

It seemed that any prayer I made, on behalf of another, automatically included my opinion on what they needed. How could I know what any other person really needed, for the development of their soul? Does Earth Need Us to Save Her? And if I thought about praying to save the planet, that was almost laughable to me. I looked at the ocean, the pristine sky and knew.....Earth's existence does not depend on whether we save Her or not. She's here for us. She's here for us to have whatever experience and exchange with her we want. Does God and Goddess hope we will make progressive choices? I believe so.

The Earth is our home and just as we care for the home where we sleep and eat and share family time, we can make the choice to care for our bigger home as well. To care for the Earth as She has cared for us. Yet, whether we make this choice or not, I believe the Earth will stand til She is ready to go, regardless of what we do or don't do.

What I finally saw, walking in joy and peace on the beach that day, is that the state of the Earth is really just a reflection of the state of Her inhabitants and each inhabitant is sovereign soul, master of their destiny. As such, the only person I have authority to pray for in an opinionated and judgmental way is myself. I am the only one that walks my path.

So what is the real strength of global prayer? It focuses attention and intent toward a common goal. It is powerful but the power of it depends on unity, not division. The question for me became....how do we achieve unity in global prayer when so many of us want so many different things to happen? For every person praying that abortion is abolished, there is another person sending equal energy toward right of choice, for one example. Aren't we just fighting etheric battles when we pray that way?

What About Our Inner Conflicts? As long as any of us are praying for peace but living in war, within ourselves or with another person, that is divided prayer and impotent. As long as any of us are praying for an end to hunger, but walking around hungry for something in our own lives, that is divided prayer and impotent. As long as any of us are praying that "they" change, into something we want them to be, that is a dishonoring of individual sovereignty and free will, and impotent. As long as any of us pray for an end to child abuse, but still abuse the child within us by hurting our tender selves or allowing others to hurt us or by not honoring our innocence, our creativity, our loving hearts and our capacity for extreme joy, the prayer is impotent.

As a straggled along the beach and struggled with words that wanted to be prayers, I finally shifted into a different expression in prayer language. Please visit part two of this article for the rest of the story: evolution of a prayer.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: This spiritual information is shared from my own experience and path of Spirit. You may certainly have a different view or belief system in place that may resonate with what I'm sharing, or not. I have no investment in that. I hope that those who can gather some wisdom from my experience will find this page and take what they need.