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Do You Have Embarassing Flatulence?
Excess Gas Causes and Remedies

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Getting Relief from Excess Gas: Positive Lifestyle Changes for Flatulence


This is part two of an article on excess gas, or flatulence. Please read gas and bloating intro for more information.

If you have ruled out medical conditions that may be causing your problem (GERD, Barrett's Esophagus, toxicity), then your excess gas may simply be the result of your body releasing toxins faster than your system can release them. If so, the situation should correct itself within a few days, provided you drink enough water and eat and sleep well.

If you are doing a detox or colon cleanse, temporary periods of gassiness and bloating are not at all uncommon. Read these detox cautions to minimize the so-called healing crisis that can be part of doing a detox. Even if you think your symptoms are cleanse-related, you should check with you doctor anyway, if you have any intestinal problems at all and go off the cleanse until you get an all-clear from your doctor to resume.

Habits that Contribute to Flatulence
Besides medical conditions or a healing crisis, flatulence or digestive distress can be caused by several things that most people commonly do and may not associate with causing excess gas or bloating. One of the main causes of flatulence is eating too fast, or drinking too fast. Simply slowing down when you eat (or not eating while you drive, work, or perform other activities) can help with a bloating problem.

As mentioned in part one, Menopause is notoriously known to cause sudden, unexplained bloating in women so balancing your hormones during peri-menopause and menopause is very helpful for gas and bloating that originates from the change of life. Many women experience relief from menopausal symptoms through use of natural herbs such as black cohosh, by using a natural progesterone cream, or by taking small, micronized doses of dhea. Talk with your chosen healthcare professional about the best approach to balancing your own menopausal symptoms.

You may develop excess gas by chewing gum and smoking. In addition, eating a lot of high-fiber foods can cause flatulence until your body adjusts to the fiber and dairy products can cause gas for many people as well. If you find that fiber causes flatulence in the body, try introducing high-fiber foods more slowly, adding a stool softener for a few days or a natural lubricant such as flax seed oil capsules and drinking more water.

Changing the type of fiber you are ingesting can help as well. You may find that your system can handle one type of fiber much better than another. For example, I do well with fresh veggies and fruits but cannot tolerate fiber products containing whey or soy at all. Find out what type of fiber your body likes and can handle best. Sorbitol is one of the biggest gas-causers I've ever personally come across. I have to read labels all the time, to make sure there is no sorbitol. Even some health supplements, that only contain a tiny amount, effect me so negatively that I have to stop taking them. So, if chronic bloating and excess gas is a problem, read your labels!

Is your gas and bloating caused by celiac sprue?

Colon Health Disclaimer: Chronic flatulence or bloating can be a sign of medical conditions that would require proper evaluation from a medical professional. This information is not intended to replace gastrointestinal evaluation and medical treatment for such conditions.