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Energetic Support for Healing from the Plant Nation - How Plant Devas helped me with the struggle of spiritual surrender

This is part two of the article on my experience making Flower Essences.

Part 1: the trauma recovery flower essence set

Flower essences are created in cooperation with the Spirit of the Plant and offer subtle yet powerful energetic support for healing. During times of struggle or imbalance on any level (spiritual, mental, physical or emotional), flower essences can gently assist us in realigning healthy electrical frequency and also may help us walk our path in a more grounded and harmonious way. Flower Essences are homeopathic remedies that contain subtle yet powerful holographic qualities that have more to do with the Spirit of the plant than the medicinal properties, although they are powerful for physical as well as emotional balance.

The Plant Devas Call:
I was clearly being called to create a set of flower essences that would assist those who were reeling from emotional wounds that felt terminal. Yet, I felt I lacked the strength to do what was being asked of me. In fact, I walked the pasture daily, being called by the same individual flowers, for several weeks, praying and crying and, in effect, telling God I wasn't up to this job. To let it pass from me or strengthen me so that I could do what was asked of me.

I was so very immersed in my own pain, loss and personal trauma that it took several weeks to see that the actual healing process which nature was providing me would result in an "energy pattern" that the essence set would hold for others. Sweet, abundant and unrelenting nature, in taking me through the deepest and darkest density of my own broken heart, was also instilling in me the vibration necessary to work with the flowers in a way that would generate a coded pattern of healing -- a path thru the pain for others; a candle in the dark night of the soul.

By the end of the third week, I found myself able to actually begin making the physical essences. The process of creating this set cannot adequately be described. It was lived, moment to moment, and the patterns for healing so deeply ingrained in my vibrational field that I stagger with the impact of it still.

Sacred Work Begins: The creation of the first two essences took me through the healing of denial, disbelief, and the tendency to shut down so that finally, the pain and rage can be surfaced and worked thru. However, after completing the first two essences, I seemed utterly unable to move to the third flower, and the fourth which I knew would complete the set had not yet been revealed.

It was then that my friend Loretta came to support and help. I asked if it had to be me, alone, who finished the essence set or was it to be that Loretta came into the work. I received an almost immediate and very clear sign that I was not required to walk the final steps of my own healing -- the steps that would finally lead to decisive action and transformative change -- alone. In fact, I was shown that it is vital to reach out for help, once the pain and rage had fully surfaced.

When wounded and in the deepest personal pain, we so often will not do this simple thing. It is not that Spirit offers no help but that we choose to suffer onward and alone, thinking we are safer if we let no one close enough to see our pain or thinking it is an imposition on someone to ask, when they are standing ready and wishing to be of service to us in our time of need. At that moment when I might have decided to never trust again, to never open myself in a vulnerable way, to never ask for help, Spirit gave me another option. At that pivotal moment, a friend took right action and came to my aid.

So it was that Loretta and myself completed the two remaining flower essences together, in a Spirit-directed dance of ceremony so strong and clear that no other path to completion could have been so powerful. It was a valuable lesson in submission, surrender and accepting help. So many times, we feel we have to walk thru our pain alone when there may be an Angel standing beside us. Thank you Loretta.

The Plant Essences that made up the Trauma Recovery Essences Set:

Greater Lobelia, the first of the Trauma Recovery Essences, worked with me every day for weeks. I would come to the feet of this natural healer, one specific flower among many Lobelia plants in the pasture, Who chose to be medicine for the people. I listened. I prayed. I wept. I resisted. I surrendered. Lobelia drew from me the bitterness and rage, not drawing it away but drawing it forward in my consciousness so I could clearly see it, feel it, experience it, move through it.

Heal All/Self Heal (with overseeing Dogwood) then called me to sit at her feet and look at my emotional attachments; emotional addictions. If one can see clearly, one can change what no longer serves. Heal All provided clarity and support for letting go of relationships that were compromising to my Spirit and my Truth. Heal All made me see how those relationships had been supported by an emotional imbalance and revealed the core issues that had to be addressed to restore emotional integrity to my thinking.

Spotted Jewelweed was the most demanding Deva, unrelentingly calling me toward impeccible accounting. This amazing Plant Deva, with pinpoint accuracy, brought into intense focus all the ways I avoided taking responsibility for my own creations by acting out, using anger irresponsibly, blaming others for my pain, shutting down emotionally and participating in co-dependent behaviors. It was during this brutal expanse of self-evaluation and self-illumination that the objective, sensitive and loving presence of a non-judgmental friend were most integral.

Spirit will provide the grounding we need, as evidenced by my friend answering the call of Spirit when I needed her witness and help, if we will but look at ourselves fully and gently. I've often noticed that in any ceremony of four parts, the third is typically the most challenging, seeming to hit us squarely in the ego, breaking down our ideas of what is right and of who we really are in the world. Spotted Jewelweed is an absolute Master at leading you to the removal of masks.

Turtlehead, the fourth and final Plant Deva energy for the essence set, did not bloom until the day before the essence was made. It was as if it hid itself away until Loretta's arrival, That morning, it bloomed by the creek, in a place I'd never seen that type of flower before. In fact, I had never seen Turtlehead anywhere in the pasture before that day, in all my seven years of walking the fields and studying the Flowers.

It is particularly significant that one of Loretta's main totems is Turtle and that Turtle is associated with grounding energies. The Turtlehead Flower Essence, in particular, illuminated a profound but often untraveled path to healing -- the path of grounded experience. Turtlehead Essence energy did not take away the pain, the sense of loss, the fear of change and the unknown. Instead, it "grounded" them. It allowed me to be in those sensations fully, to feel them all flowing through me full strength but without emotionally shutting down, mentally distracting myself by analyzing, or resisting through anger, blame, resentment, victim thinking, etc.

Because I no longer pushed the truth of myself away, my Self began to balance the ego reactions flowing thru me and peace returned to my heart, a peace independent of situation or circumstance.

Basically, the journey of the Trauma Recovery Flower Essences is one of discovering that we cannot heal what is not present. In other words, we have to be fully present in our experience before we can even begin to grasp what it is that truly needs healing, much less to allow the hand of Spirit to move in those areas and shift our vibrational frequency from imbalance to balance again.

As long as we are resisting, distracting, hiding away, feeding on emotional outbursts, fueling ourselves with outer-directed anger and blame, mentally analyzing ourselves into oblivion or pushing away our own pain, doubt, fear or confusion, it is as if we are trying to heal something that doesn't really exist. Once the reality fully exists for us -- once we are grounded in our own manifested reality -- we become "whole" to ourselves, even though the whole is wounded, and can begin to heal.

If you now deal with personal trauma, loss of an intimate relationship, grief, pain, or fear, it is my prayer, dear Relative, that peace may soon return to your heart as well. I believe Flower Essences provide rapid assisitance. The process of making them will change you forever.

TRAUMA RECOVERY ESSENCE SETS NO LONGER AVAILABLE: The trauma recovery essences Loretta and I made are gone. I encourage you to make your own set, which may or may not include the flowers we used. If you want to create your own Trauma Recovery Flower Essences set using the same flowers we did, there are four flower essences, plus two over-seeing essence helpers. Greater Lobelia, Heal All (overseeing helper: Dogwood), Spotted Jewelweed, and TutrleHead (overseeing helper: Lyre Leaf Sage). The overseers were not included in the actual essences but were placed on top of or around the corresponding essence at the time they were made. The best way I can describe these overseers is that they help to provide a foundation or base for the Heal All and the Turtle Head to work in a stronger and more balanced way than would be the case of each alone.

How to use flower essences: Flower essences may be taken internally or may be applied to chakras, pulse areas at wrists, added to bath water. You may also apply a drop of flower essences to the third eye prior to meditation or apply to any area of trauma prior to healing work, for increased receptivity to transformative energy.

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