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Energetic Support for Healing from the Plant Nation


Trauma Recovery Flower Essence Set

By way of history, my work with the Plant Kingdom began in youth, walking the woods of northeastern Alabama. Although the spiritual and medicinal qualities of herbs, flowers, trees and ferns were not known to me at that time, the vibrant, healing energy field surrounding them was well known.

Without consciously understanding why, I felt drawn to have my feet on the ground and my hands touching plants, as often as I could. Looking back, I know they were whispering secrets to me. Not that I'm special in this ability to hear such secrets .... nature whispers secrets all the time, to anyone who will take the time to listen. I took the time.

After my introduction to herbal medicines and to Native-American ceremonies, I began to work with the Plants in a much more active way.

To learn more about herbs and plant medicine, I spent a period of time working in an herb store. Challenged by the daily customers, each one of whom seemed to have a question about a different herb, vitamin, or condition, my head sometimes swam but I read and researched and grew in awareness a great deal while working there.

It was there, standing at the counter one day, that I received a vision for a special non-traditional Sweat Lodge for purification and spiritual connection thru the use of herbs.

I began to pour these Herbal Purification Lodges as directed by Spirit. Green and ignorant in oh, so many ways, I still poured the Lodges and miracles happened. Offensive to some, entirely incomprehensible to others who were used to a traditional sweat lodge experience, the Herbal Lodges were huge challenges for me on all levels, and I still poured. It was for me to do.

I no longer conduct Herbal Lodges but feel blessed by the learning experience myself and others had within them.

Flower Essence Experience:

Some time later, walking and praying in the woods, one of my most Sacred Spaces of natural learning, I was called to work with the Plant Devas in another way -- by the creation of Flower Essences.

These flower essences came into being as a collaborative spiritual work with a dear friend and fellow healer on the path of service at that time. Working together in humble partnership with nature, Loretta and myself created The SunMoon Flower Essence Set and The SunMoon Totem Essence Set.

After this, I worked with two very specific GemStone Energies to bring forth The Crystal Catalyst and HeartFire GemStone Essences.

Still further down my path of working with subtle energy medicines, a vision came for another set of flower essences. I was riding down the road, thinking of nothing particularly spiritual, and there it was in the inner eye, complete. The result of those instructions and that vision unfolded as The WaterTree Process Set.

Then came the utterly humbling, challenging and transformative task of co-creating The SunMoon Trauma Recovery Flower Essences Set. My calling to this Sacred work began just days after I received the most devastating personal news I could have imagine, ironically or perhaps perfectly aligned, just 3 short days after the World Trade Center bombings on September 1.

Although clearly called to work with the Plant Medicines, I could not immediately comply due to the personal trauma that was also unfolded exactly at that time; a trauma as personally devastating to me as a human being, as the bombings had been on a collective level.

There is a lesson I have learned over and over again; once we decide to let Spirit guide our impulses beyond our own pain -- once we can broaden our view into some kind of attention to others, our personal healing accelerates.

Prior to answering the call of the flowers, to bring forth this healing balm for the people, it took several weeks for me to realize that I was in service -- that I could generate something powerful and transformative for my spiritual relatives out of my own trauma and loss. After I remembered that I could offer this life experience of pain up to Spirit, in service to others and in prayer for others, then I truly began to gain strength.

It is in service to others that we become most in service to our own healing.

Paradoxically, as long as I wandered in my own grief (and the wandering was a necessary part of the healing process), I was less able to see the bigger picture that was unfolding. I was totally unable to see the gift that was emerging from the suffering.

More Information on the Trauma Recovery Flower Essence Set