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Are there safe flu shot alternatives? Prescription antibotics vs. natural antibiotics


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Thinking about getting a flu shot?
If you get a flu shot every year or are thinking about getting one, please read up on how flu shots are made and the different types available. However, this source doesn't include what is in them. Some may read the insert and notice that mercury is not listed but that thimerosol is on the ingredients list. Thimerosol contains quite a bit of mercury. There's also formaldehyde in a lot of them or aluminum adjunctive material. Aluminum and formaldehye are toxic. Please do your research, and it will take digging on the flu shot sites to find it, to see what is in each brand. Then, do some research on the questionable ingredients. Also be aware that there's a difference between an injection and a nasal swab. The nasal swab contains live flu virus. Think about that.

What is non-inferiority criteria?
You may see those words on flu shot websites or product inserts. If you read on, you may also see that some will state they have not been proven to reduce flu occurrence. However, for now, I found a definition of non-inferiority criteria and am providing a link to that abstract for your convenience. In short, those words mean a product has been proven not to be any worse than another product. More info on non-inferiority criteria.

Already got the flu bug?
Are you considering treating your cold and flu symptoms with prescription antibiotics? Wondering how you will address the flu this winter, and specifically the flu caused by H5N1? If you think antibiotics are the best approach, you may want to find out more about natural antibiotics and compare the benefits / risks with prescription antibiotics.

While it's true that many prescription antibiotics derive from natural plants and herbs, the scientists who develop them typically extract an isolated property or compound. The reason this matters is that nature provides a built-in synergy that helps natural antibiotics work without compromising the immune system in other ways, as in the case of antibiotic resistance. This synergy is lost when one compound is isolated and concentrated.

Herbs for immune system support have complex compounds that bacteria cannot breakdown and use for its own metabolism, a property that single compound antibiotics do not possess. Please research natural antibiotics and antiviral herbs that do not compromise immune functioning and which can help the body to fight against bacterial infections of the skin and other organs.

Colloidal silver is a safe, natural antibiotic. Just don't make your own silver at home, due to risks of contamination which might result in the rare experience of blue-tinted skin. I repeat that this condition is extremely rare and always, as far as I've been able to tell with the few documented cases, associated with either incredibly massive doses or home-made silver which was most likely contaminated. I personally would not fear taking any colloidal silver from a reputable company.

Mild Precaution: There is a condition that may occur if one takes copious amounts of colloidal silver, takes it for a long period of time or takes contaminated, homemade silver. It's called Argyria and it sounds so scary that it turns people off of a very safe, very effective natural supplement. Though not a health risk at all, Argyria is a cosmetic condition where the skin can take on a permanent bluish tint. This is extremely rare and mostly associated with the consumption of contaminated silver. I don't recommend making your own silver or buying silver that someone else has made at home. It's just too easy for it to be contaminated. On the other hand, if you buy from a lab-tested, lab-manufactured company, you should be fine unless you do something unwise like taking dozens of times over the recommended dose.

Two more supplements that it just makes sense to increase in the winter months are vitamins C and D. We get less sun in the winter and there are studies that have shown Vitamin D to be helpful in flu prevention, especially among those who may be deficient.

Natural Options vs. Prescription Drugs for Bird Flu Protection
Question on alternative health care and healing: I am really concerned about the flu this year. Flu shots are in short demand and I've been hearing about this avian flu, or bird flu. Do you really think an avian flu outbreak is coming? Also, are there any natural alternative to the flu shot?

Healing Facilitation Response: Depending on your age, general state of health, and belief systems, your doctor may advise getting a flu shot, to protect yourself against infection during the cold and flu season. However, if you have egg allergies you can't take the regular flu shot or the flu shot alternative called Flu Mist. On the other hand, if you would take a flu shot except for the thimerosal, you might ask your doctor about the flu mist alternative. However, from what I understand, the mist is actually live virus, while the shots are dead virus.

Right up front: I do not get flu shots. Ever. The majority of the people around me who get them every year are sick no less than me and sometimes get a bug more than I do in the winter. I believe immunization carries bigger risks than exposure, in particular for children. learn potential risks of immunization.

Boosting the Immune System as Protection: My personal decision is to boost my immune system as a flu shot alternative. One of the easiest and best ways to do this is by eating organic yogurt every single day. Yogurt is a fantastic immune system booster and this becomes becomes particularly important during flu season. If you don't have a healthy gut, you are not healthy. A lot of our immune response comes from the colon so friendly flora and bacteria are paramount. Eat organic yogurt every day!

If I find myself with cold and flu symptoms, it is also my choice use natural anti-flu substances such as oregano oil, goldenseal, homeopathic flu remedies and / or colloidal silver rather than prescription antibiotics.

Oregano Caution: For decades now, I've taken oregano gel caps and used diluted essential oil of oregano as one of my first line of defense moves during flu season. I have had terrific results but, like anything else that has medicinal properties, there are often cautions for those with pre-existing medical conditions. Where oregano is concerned, I feel most who are otherwise healthy can tolerate the recommended dose for a short term, meaning 1-2 days. However, if you are taking medications for high blood pressure, you may need to see how you feel after the first dose or foregoe the use of oregano entirely because it can, at high doses or repeated doses, cause rapid heartbeat.

Whether or not you have a flu shot, boosting the immune system is usually a good idea unless you have some condition where that is not advisable such as certain autoimmune conditions. I am not a doctor and do not diagnose or prescribe so you should always check with your doctor before adding an immune-boosting formula. There are certain conditions (such as autoimmune diseases and during radiation or chemo for cancer) when your doctor may not approve the choice. If you are considering having a flu shot, please be aware that a normal flu shot is not expected to protect in the event of avian flu. Also be aware that there are hundreds of flu strains and each years flu shot is an educated guess, at best. It may, or may not, offer any protection at all. For some, the risks far outweigh potential benefit, in my opinion. Talk to your doctor about risks for your age, type and according to whatever other medical conditions you have.

Is an avian flu pandemic coming? If we do end up with a pandemic of bird flu, I think the reason will be the absolutely horrendous way we are raising chickens. No healthy meat can come from commercial poultry farms. None. We are eating chickens that have been raised in their own filth, not even allowed to go outside for their whole life, fed GMO grain, and treated absolutely horrifically from birth to death. If this doesn't change, I would imagine avian flu won't be the only health concern.

What are the approved medical treatments for H5N1 Flu?
There are primarily 3 antiviral medications approved for treatment of the bird flu, but they are all prescription and not everyone can take them so be sure to get them thru your doctor, not online, and make sure you go over the risks until you are satisfied that the flu medicine they want to give you, is safe for you to use. Also, of the top three that have been so approved, the various flu virus strains have built up resistance to two of them (flumadine and symmetrel), to the point that they are no longer considered effective. The third, Tamiflu, is still considered effective.

Warning: Initially, some sites were promoting Tamiflu but selling something else so make sure you order from a reputable source, if you choose to order it online. Also, if you are not in the high risk category (children, elderly, and those with compromised immune systems, please avoid stockpiling Tamiflu because it will be most desperately needed for high-risk people, should a bird flu outbreak occur in the future.

The initial panic and stockpiling of Tamiflu that occurred a few years back, when first buzz of a possible bird flu pandemic surfaces, subsided when enough time passed without a major outbreak. However, all it would take is another news flash suggesting a bird flu pandemic to start it up the panic again and, if that happens, the fraudsters will be back at it again too so buyer beware.

Natural Flu Shot Alternatives:
There are excellent homeopathic and herbal alternatives to the flu shot. One such remedy is called Baniflu. However, a holistic approach would not rely soley on a single product or formula that would replace a flu shot. In addition to natural flu shot alternatives, the holistic approach to flu prevention would include supplements to improve overall immune function and provide extra cleansing, rejuvenating and tonic effects. These might include an increased Vitamin C intake during winter months, being extra vigilant about getting enough water, eating well, adding immune boosters such as echinacea or homeopathics designed to support health immune response.

I strongly advocate a proactive attitude toward your own healing: These days, smart patient is very actively involved in decisions affecting their health. Gone are the days when we meekly accept the doctor's instructions without self-education and questions. That's a good thing.

Part Two: Avian Bird Flu Update

The Antidote: This is a product made from crocodile peptides. It is reported to boost immune function tremendously. I felt it was a product of definite merit after I took it myself. Since then, there have been a lot of copycat versions and there has also been a change in the company that produced it. I no longer feel confident referring people as I cannot be sure they are actually getting crocodile peptides now. If interested in the antidote, please google it for more info.

Health Notice, please read: The information contained in this alternative health care / spiritual healing article on influenza and flu shot alternatives should not be considered a substitute for medical attention, in the event you come down with the flu. This is educational health information only. If elderly, please see your doctor at first sign of colds and flu since the effect can be more dangerous among the aged. Your healthcare practitioner can further advise on the dangers of avian flu and what steps would be best for your particular situation, in the event a pandemic of bird flu ever comes.