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Healthy Heart News by Ira Marxe from Good Health Supplements

Ira Marxe was a unique individual who nutritionally overcame congestive heart failure and went on to help many people improve their cardiovascular health before he passed. There were few more unique health advocate voices out there than Ira Marxe. While I may not have always seen eye to eye with Ira on every little view and perspective, the big picture of his view resonated and I loved his spicy, unique delivery. Ira called himself a former congestive heart failure sufferer. He used to suffer with swollen ankles, chest pains and debilitating weakness that comes with pulmonary edema and congestive heart failure.

Ira believes he turned his health around thru the use of natural heart supplements and without the use of prescription medications for congestive heart failure. Ira shared his personal story of recovery for decades online and I enjoyed some interesting email conversations with Ira before he left us. One thing is for sure, Ira whole-heartedly believed in the nutritional approach to healing the heart. If you'd like to learn more about the use of natural heart supplements to help the heart stay healthy and function better.

I truly believe Ira Marxe wanted to help people as much as he had learned to help himself. He will be missed but his company lives on and you can still order the products that turned his cardiovascular death sentence into many more years of vibrant health. Good Health Supplements closed their doors shortly after Ira's death. I was sorry to see these products go and hope someone will bring the GHS Ultra back to the market soon.

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Health Disclaimer: Ira approached cardiovascular health in a purely nutritional way so that none of his GHS products would have the side effects that are so common with prescription drug medications such as statin drugs. However, to reach the broadest number of people and realizing that some who wanted to try a nutritional approach might already be on prescription drugs, he took care to see that the formulas he shared, with few excemptions, could be taken while taking prescription medications. That being said, it is ALWAYS vital to check with your cardiologist before adding anything new to your health care regimine at all, whether natural, herbal or otherwise. If you are under a doctor's care for congestive heart failure, check with your doctor before adding anything new to your cardiovascular health regimen.