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Does Fresh Cab keep the mice away?

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The pros and cons....
I started living in a tiny house this year. When colder weather starting coming, so did the mice. I knew where they were getting in (holes around pipes in bathroom) but the area they were accessing was behind the water heater and up above in a very small alcove that simply wasn't accessible to fix. At least, I couldn't fix it and besides, I read that mice only need a hole the size of a pencil to get in so suspected they'd just find another way.

I try to avoid personally taking life of any kind (well, I make an exception for mosquitos! I warn them to leave and then, if I see them again, they are dead.) I capture spiders and run flies out in summer and try to deter ants rather than kill when possible. However, the thing about mice in human living areas is that they are SO unsanitary. I started finding mouse droppings in closed drawers on my clothes and even underclothes and seeing the droppings and urine spots literally everywhere.

I considered a no kill trap til I read that mice will return to a chosen spot and that they can get back from a distance of five miles. I envisioned being a sort of constant relocation service for rodents.

Finally, after several sleepless nights, I couldn't take it anymore. I used mousetraps. Caught one immediately, not realizing they had babies. Long story short, two months of terrible smell in the walls and a guilty conscience over killing the mommy.

I read all the reviews about natural rodent repellants online and, to be honest, the reviews on Fresh Cab were mixed. Some said it worked like a charm. Others said it did not work at all. I figured I didn't have anything to lose but a little money so it was worth a try. It looked at least as good as any other natural, non-toxic and non-lethal option. I bought a four-pack of Fresh Cab and placed two in the bathroom and one under the tiny house, near the bathroom area where they were getting in.

What I Noticed Fast:
I can honestly say that it worked immediately. Because I live in a tiny house, I could hear the mice enter. They would drop down from the hole around the plumbing. Shortly after, I'd hear them in my bedroom. After I placed the Fresh Cab bags, I heard them come in as usual but then, a few minutes later, I heard a mad scramble as they ran back up the wall, through the hole and out. They constantly poop and pee so in the small alcove itself, I continue to see a few droppings but none in the house so far.

After the pack had been under the house for a few days, I noticed they stopped coming in at all for about a month. I think the smell had to permeate under the house for a bit. Of course, I live in a tiny house so for bigger dwellings, it would take more bags under the house. I think the bag I had under the house would have worked a lot longer if we hadn't had a really weird, long period of slightly above freezing weather with tons and tons of rain. I think the moisture diluted the smell or that one bag might have lasted longer than a month.

Fresh Cab in your car?
About this same time, my niece was having a problem with mice getting into her car somehow. They would end up in her glove compartment. I told her about Fresh Cab a few months ago and she says it has worked for her. Since mice love to climb up in cars when it's cold, I taped a bag to the inside of my car under the hood for safe measure.

The other big test I did was to see whether Fresh Cab would keep mice out of the tiny house when no one was there. I had a petsit come up during what turned out to be our coldest weather week into the current winter season. I was gone for 10 days. I placed a Fresh Cab bag in the bedroom, one by front door and another in the kitchen, as well as the three I had in the bathroom. When I got back, there was not a single bit of evidence that a mouse had ever been in there. I was really sold after that.

Fresh Cab Cons:
So, Fresh Cab works like a charm for me but there are a few cons. At $14-$16 a four-pack, Fresh Cab can end up costing a good bit if you are treating a large space. For a tiny house though, I think it is economically reasonable. Having to replace the bags every month is a bit of a chore and means a good that added expense per month, over the whole winter season. However, since the main ingredient is balsam fir oil, some people buy the oil separate and simply "refresh" the existing bags once a month. Balsam fir oil is not exactly cheap though so not sure it is any more cost-effective if you have to refresh a lot of bags. I paid $11.99 for an ounce at a local health food store and refreshed with it the first month but just bought another four-pack of Fresh Cab the second month of winter. Balsam fir essential oil is probably cheaper on amazon or ebay than it will be in a health food store. Check price of Balsam fir oil on amazon

The smell is a possible con for some. If you have allergies or breathing issues, it might be a trigger. Not sure about that so maybe proceed with caution in those cases. I happen to like the smell but even for me, it's a little overwhelming when I first place new bags in my very small bathroom. In a larger space, of course, the smell would be more diffused but if you don't like a woodsy sort of smell, you may want to just use Fresh Cab under the house or in closed counters which are not accessed that often.

Scented rice bags:
When I got the balsam fir oil, in addition to refreshing my Fresh Cab bags, I put homemade sachets for the drawers of the chest in my bedroom where I'd seen droppings before. These were easy to make. I cut squares of flannel cloth and placed a bit of raw rice in the middle. Then, I sprinkled balsam fir oil over raw rice and tied the square to make a small sachet. I put these little rodent-deterrent sachets in every drawer and around the trash can in the kitchen. The smell wasn't so strong with the sachets as with the Fresh Cab bags so this worked well for areas where I didn't want as much scent.

Where to find Fresh Cab
I've found Fresh Cab at Tractor Supply the first time but just order online from amazon or ebay now. Prices are about the same. If you have amazon prime, probably cheaper to order Fresh Cab on amazon.

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Disclaimer As mentioned in the review, some say Fresh Cab doesn't work for them. I can most decidedly say it worked for me but it may depend on location, what type of rodent is in the area, etc. Also, please note that the initial smell when the Fresh Cab bags are placed is pretty strong so if someone in the home has allergies, astham, COPD or other breathing issues, you may want to test the scent with them to see if it's going to be a problem.

Fresh Cab Review Reviewed by Neva Howell. Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent My review of Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent - Tiny House experience.