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Gastric Band Surgery Preparation
Can You Have It Without Having It?

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Prepare yourself, mentally and emotionally, before your gastric band surgery.

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Gastric Band Preparation

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I once read that our minds do not know the difference between a real experience and one that is vividly imagined (keep that in mind as you read further!) and that if we truly believe a thing, our body acts just as if it were true. This phenomenon has been proven in cases where a diagnosis got mixed up and the wrong patient received terminal news. The patient's immune function went down, depression set in, etc. just as if the diagnosis were true.

Of course, it isn't only bad news that creates physiological change. I've seen of this mind/body connection happen instantly in those videos where someone is playing a trick on someone, by giving them a fake lottery ticket. The person who thinks they have won in that moment goes through a massive emotional and mental shift that most definitely impacts the body, just as if they had actually won millions.

I've said all that to say this ... I believe the mind can help the body shift. Hypnosis is one such avenue to strengthen the mind/body connection in a way that brings about positive change. I have personally used hypnosis and subliminal programs to help myself shift in various areas of my life. I find good programs to be particularly beneficial before a big shift in my own life so I'm very happy to have found this unique and very comprehensive program for people who have already decided to undergo gastric band surgery.

Because this type of surgery changes what and how you must eat, and because the weight loss can be rapid, many people struggle more with mental and emotional challenges than with physical complications. I believe hypnosis may be an excellent tool, to help you get ready for a surgery that will change your life quickly and in many significant ways. However, optimally, I believe this program has the potential to replace the need for actual surgery. In fact, mental and emotional preparation may make the difference between a successful and joyful transition to the new body and life you are creating and a journey that is more stressful than it has to be, whether or not you have actual, physical surgery.

Gastric Band Surgery Hypnosis Program:
This is one of the most exciting hypnosis programs I've come across in a long time. The Gastric Band Hypnosis program is comprehensive and the hypnosis sessions it includes covers a wide range of emotional and mental factors that may need some attention with a surgery for rapid weight loss. The program is designed to be listened to in order, and this is VERY important because each rewiring of your mindset will build on the next, to give you optimal support for a successful outcome. This isn't a quick fix thing. You are literally telling your mind, body and emotions that you have experienced a surgery that will help you lose weight rapidly and safely. That type of re-programming takes linear time for most. The gastric band hypnosis program takes an entire month to complete and WILL ONLY give you the results you seek if you complete the entire series of hypnotic sessions as directed, in the sequence directed. Read more or ....

This comprehensive hypnosis series takes your imagination through the emotional, mental and physical experience of gastric band surgery, including the experience of having lost the weight you desired to lose. All the benefits of such a shift are without the actual and substantial risk of undergoing gastric band surgery. The program is designed to instill healthy new habits and behaviors that support healthy weight loss, as well as give you many tools for keeping the weight off with ease.

The fourth hypnosis session in this innovative series takes you through what it is actually like to have a gastric band fitting in surgery! At the end of this one, your body will have the mental and emotional experience of actually having gone through the surgery.

Health Care Disclaimer:Hypnosis is not intended to replace any medical need you may have for surgery. For me, it's certainly worth a try before actually undergoing this invasive surgery procedure. And even if you then elect to have gastric band surgery, your body, mind and emotional state will be better prepared for the process. Please discuss the risks and benefits of gastric band surgery with your doctor. More importantly, be sure you understand the major dietary and lifestyle changes you must adopt, for the rest of your life, following this type of surgery.