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The Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals, Liquid Silver and Gold and Ormus Oils


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Information about gemstone therapy and how may we use crystals and gemstones for spiritual enhancement and etheric template healing at a vibrational level.

Gemstones have been used for centuries, by various cultures around the globe, as healing tools of an etheric nature and in conjunction with spiritual and emotional healing. Why? For one thing, it is believed that the intense pressure that created crystalline structures also enclosed energy that is potent and aligned with the frequencies of earth. Different gems and crystals have specific crystalline healing properties and so may be utilized for specific imbalances in the body and auric field.

Some energy medicine healing facilitators use crystals for clearing spaces of negative energies, as well as clearing the body and aura of negativity. Others notice that placement of specific crystals on the body may help with emotional clearing as well as pain relief, particularly if combined with awareness, conscious breathing and a willingness to allow emotional or stressful feelings a healthy release and expression.

Many spiritually aware people find that focus on a crystal or gemstone during meditation increases the spiritual connection that is felt, as well as the guidance that becomes available in the meditative state. In addition to personal use, Gemstone Therapy is a type of energetic healing facilitation where a person who is knowledgeable about the properties of gemstone and crystals uses the appropriately matched gems or crystals to help the body of their client to energetically shift in beneficial ways.

Gemstones and Crystals - Their Healing Properties:
This is a partial list of only a small portion of gemstones and crystals that are frequently used in gemstone therapy. The list of etheric alchemy benefits from each gemstone mentioned is also partial and often just based on my own experience of the strongest qualities. You may find that other qualities with any given gemstone are stronger for you.

In order to keep this article at a readable size, I've focused on some of the more common gemstones and only listed one primary benefit for each. You may research a particular gemstone or crystal to learn more about it's healing properties, of course.

The body organs mentioned below are energetically supported by the crystal or gemstone that is listed. Gemstone Therapy is not presented as replacement for any needed medical attention for conditions affecting that organ.

Agate - Truth Discernment in a situation
Alexandrite - Spleen and Pancreas
Amber - Out of head, into heart
Amethyst - Endocrine and Immune systems
Bloodstone - Oxygenates Bloodstream
Citrine - Great detoxifier
Diamond - Crown chakra clearing
Gold - Attracts positive energies
Hematite - Cloak of invisibility
Jade - Balances emotions
Jasper - Liver, gallbladder, bladder
Kyanite - Throat chakra
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Malachite - Heart Chakra
Moldavite - Higher Self Connection
Obsidian - Stomach and Colon
Opal - Pineal and Pituitary Glands
(Clear) Quartz Crystals - Space Clearing
Rose Quartz Crystals - Anger and fears
Rutilated Quartz Crystals - Depression
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Smoky Quartz Crystals - Dreamtime Enhancement
Sodalite - Creative Expression
Tiger Eye - Personal Power
Tourmaline - Sleep Aid
Turquoise - Whole Body Strengthening

What is Crystal Healing? Basically, this is any situation where a healing facilitator utilizes crystals in their healing session. This can be done a number of different ways. Crystals may be laid on the body or around the body; the healer may hold a crystal and use it to "scoop up" releasing energies, to assist the body in easier and more complete energetic release. They may also be used to conduct energy and energetic guidance into the body. The right type of crystal, placed on the third eye, can assist with opening and enhancing the third eye facilities.

Gemstone therapy isn't just for external application either. I've seen a lot of health supplements that add tourmaline or other gemstone powders. While not gemstones or crystals, precious metals are also recognized as being helpful for spiritual purposes. In particular, liquid gold or silver are consumed daily by many, specifically for benefits on a spiritual level. It is also believed that these elements may be helpful with physical balance.

I've taken these types of liquid etheric alchemy formulas made from precious metals and I did experience some effects that I felt were enhancing and beneficial to me at the time I was called to take them. One type of formula designed to enhance the energetic field of the person who takes them one such use of liqud precious metals is called Ormus Oil. More about Ormus Oil.

Holistic Wellbeing Disclaimer: This information about gemstone therapy and crystal healing is from the perspective of nature as quantum healing energy and does not replace any needed medical care or evaluation. Liquid gold or silver, Ormus oil and the use of gemstone therapy are presented as spiritual enhancement tools. Information for educational purposes only, May appeal to those who are spiritually and metaphysically minded. Those in other morphic fields of belief may not resonate with these types of etheric alchemy tools at all. Do what works for you and be wise with your health.