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Common GERD Symptoms
Simple Heartburn or GERD?

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Symptoms of GERD


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We are addressing some of symptoms of gerd here, both common symptoms of the condition and less common. This is part of a series on gastroesophageal reflux disease, also known as GERD. Please read the introduction, What is GERD? first, as well as any subsequent article sections to get the full benefit of this health care information.

It Might Be More Than Heartburn
Recurrent Hearburn is one of the most common symptoms of GERD yet there are many reasons one might have recurrent heartburn besides GERD .... maybe you have a habit of eating too fast or or stress eating; maybe you commonly eat too much spicy food; maybe you eat too much at night a lot. So when do you know when it's just recurrent hearburn and when it might be GERD?

Noticing when the heartburn most often recurs is a good indicator. If you notice it most when you are lying down or bending over, then the symptom bears more investigation. Do you notice a sudden attack of heartburn while lifting something heavy or just after heavy lifting? If so, that's a signal that it might be more than heartburn although you'd need to see your doctor to determine if it's GERD. Most people with gastroesophageal reflux disease notice symptoms more at night than during the day too so this can be a signal that something else might be going on besides simple heartburn. If you tend to eat close to bedtime, try not doing that for a night or two and see if the heartburn still happens.

Additional GERD Symptoms:
Experiencing a nauseous feeling soon after eating or feeling discomfort in the abdomenal area, upper part can be symptoms of GERD but also of other conditions. Regurgitation of food, or the feeling that your food doesn't want to stay down is another common GERD symptom.

Having only one of these symptoms, and having it only occasionally, probably won't end up with a diagnosis of gastroesophageal reflux disease because there's usually a cluster of symptoms that happen with GERD. Looking at the symptoms we've talked about as a sort of symptom cluster, how many are you experiencing? Of the symptoms you have, how many are common and how many are less common GERD symptoms?

If you were to experience some of the less common ones (such as sudden heartburn after or during heavy lifting, more heartburn when lying down or at night, and regurgitation or nausea after eating) then adding those up would mean something beyond simple heartburn. While looking at common GERD symtoms as a cluster, note how many of the symptoms you have for your doctor's review. Then, check the uncommon GERD symptoms below. Ff you have any of the following unusual symptoms, and especially if combined with common symptoms, I'd suspect GERD and take the appropriate actions you deem necessary to rule it out and, if present, treat it.

Uncommon GERD Symptoms:
* Feeling like you have a lump in your throat all the time or noticable trouble swallowing
* Unexplained raspy cough or a need to clear your throat all the time or frequent sore throats
* Persistent or frequent hiccups

Health Care Disclaimer: The information on GERD that you are reading is educational in nature and not expected to replace medical evaluation and/or needed treatment. The symptoms list is not meant to be exhaustive. Other unusual symptoms of GERD may vary individually so see your doctor for any gastroesophageal pain or discomfort.