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Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigation Resources

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Getting started (as a paranormal investigator) or know someone who would like to become a Ghost Hunter? Suggested reading and a good starter kit for paranormal fun.

Note from Neva: I never got the whole ghost hunting thing. I've seen ghosts before and I never once thought, oh, yeah, I wanta find more. That's just me. I'm ok not seeing that stuff.

However, I realize that some people need to seek paranormal levels for various reasons. I have always been so aware of them naturally that I more often seek a little distance from me and some realms. In any case, if you have an interest in exploring the other side, you may want to read the Everything Ghost Hunting Book.

By the way, hunting ghosts isn't cheap! There are all manner of light and temperature sensing thingamajigs and special recording equipment needed to capture EVP activity. About the cheapest ghost hunting kit I found was still over $100 so maybe get the book first, read up, and decide if you really wanta be a paranormal investigator.

It's a pricey hobby to do just for fun. Here's a link to one of the more affordable ghost hunting kits I found online. It's the starter ghost hunting kit from Ghost Tech so I assume a beginner would be able to use it. Here's what the ghost kit contains and some info about the kit:

Ghost Tech Starter Kit Includes:

A GaussMaster EMF meter to measure EMFs
A Portable Motion Sensor to detect motion, even in complete darkness
An EVP Listener so that you can hear real time EVP and EMF signals
A Thermometer to measure surface temperatures - Infrared Pen Type
The "Ghost Tech" how-to book on ghost hunting
A carrying case for the kit contents

Ghost Tech says the starter kit is suitable for all ages. Makes a nice gift, too! They reserve the right to subsitute items of different brands, depending on availability.