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Are we clicking into the Akashic Records when we go online?


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Personal Journal Entry: "Interesting and exciting prayer shift! I know with acute certainty that the internet gridline is serving to shift me into a vibration of global resonance. Aha! I see the ego-bait now. My ego thought I was slaving away at the computer four hours a day because it was important that the web page be searchable and getting lots of hits. There was a lot more reason than that, I can now report to my aching neck and shoulders.

The World Wide Web as Spiritual Teacher:This article assumes a working knowledge of being online, on the internet. It is hard to imagine anyone who does not have a working knowledge of the internet. However, if you have no familiarity with accessing and surfing the internet, this next section may make no sense to you. Go to the library and "surf" a little on the web, and then, you can read it and understand what I'm talking about. It's a Small, Big World!

The above entry in my journal was written just after I got internet service for the first time, over a decade ago. I was so utterly amazed at the scope of it! I had heard the words "information superhighway" but had no idea how big it was. I met people from India, Australia, Canada, and all over the US, in a matter of minutes. I could converse with someone in Australia, a place I've always felt spiritually connected to and have wanted to visit!

I was so overwhelmed by the physical aspects of it that it took me a few days to realize that there was a spiritual, energetic aspect to every connection I made as well. Like a kid in a candy store, I would "surf" from site to site to site. Then, when I tried to get up from the chair, I'd be dizzy to the point of wobbling. As an empath, one would think I'd have known what was happening but I didn't at first. I was too distracted and excited by an endless choice of options. Where else do we have so many choices?

Email Transmissions Are Energetically Imprinted:

Then, one day, I got an e-mail from a spiritual Relative. Even before I opened it, I got nauseous and agitated. When I opened the message and began to read, I began to feel very unbalanced, emotionally out of whack in ways that made no sense, compared to how I was feeling in the moments just before this email arrived but made perfect sense as I began to read the email message. There was anger, resentment, recrimination and negativity in the message, some of it directed at me. In fact, the message was so strong that my soulmate felt nauseous when I handed the printed version to him, before he even read it. This was my wake up call, as far as the energies associated with the internet go.

I suddenly became acutely aware that energies were being transmitted at all times and the emotional state of an individual sending a loaded email gets imprinted with that energy and it gets transmitted as surely as the written word.

This particular message stood out because it had such a strong energy to it but I realized that each message I had received and each website I had visited had also contained energies to be integrated. No wonder I was dizzy!

After this time, I made it a point to clear myself and be in a place of balance any time I decided to use the internet. The difference was startling. Not only was I able to integrate incoming energies much better but I was also able to transmit healing energies with more precision and strength than ever before.

Be aware and alert spiritually, when you go online: The intensity of these internet transmissions is due to the connection between our body's electrical system and the electrical system of the computer. I think it unwise to ever go "online" in a state of personal imbalance. Not only is your ability to receive and integrate energy impaired at such times, but so is your ability to transmit balanced energy.

In learning to use the internet, I discovered that patience is the thing most needed. Nothing particularly new about that, as patience has been one of a few lessons I've had to face over and over, this time around. It's just that I had the naive notion that being on the internet would mean instant access to whatever I wanted.

Oh, but no. It obeys the same physical laws as the rest of our Earth, with the same frustrating delays that we might experience in attempting to retrieve knowledge from any other physical source. For example, when I have entered a url (website address, like www.askahealer.com/ ) and I am waiting for the url to be retrieved, I become impatient if it did not appear quickly. Back then, I had dial-up so nothing appeared quickly. I would impatiently click enter again, maybe even two or three times. Then, I'd get irritated when the whole thing just sort of bogged down and I couldn't get anything to happen. Finally, it lit in my leafy brain that I was short-circuiting the original request by impatiently pushing the enter button again and again.

It was almost an irresistible urge, to resubmit the request, or push the stop button, or push the back button. I just wanted to push something! I could see the little ball moving, but I couldn't see what it was doing. I lacked faith.

Short-circuiting our own prayers: Somewhere in this cycle, I began to be aware of a similarity between the way I approached the internet and the way I sometimes approach prayer.

When I pray, I sometimes do the same exact thing as I do on the internet. I will submit a request and then, because I can't see the invisible routing process of Godforce as my request is received, I get impatient. Sometimes I click enter again, etherically speaking, until I overload my own circuit. Other times, I might energetically push the stop button on my prayer request by deciding that the prayer isn't being answered.

Of course, a personal self-sabotage choice is to do the spiritual equivalent of having clicked the back button on my computer, going back in time to all the memories of prayers that appeared not to have been answered, or back to a focus of lack that hurtles me into the frequency of the need. If I transmit anger, irritation, or frustration after making a request to God, that submission is recognized as just as valid a transmission as any other, and the request is re-routed to that frequency of result. Hence, results tinged with those emotions.

Garbage in, garbage out.

When we pray, it is our vibration we are sending and nothing more. We can put any words we want to on the prayer transmission line, but our frequency is the identifying factor on God's internet. If the vibration is consistent and in line with our request, the connection is made. If the frequency is choppy, disjointed or redirected by a more dense vibration such as fear,agitation or doubt, delay is created.

If this pattern is repeated, the connection is eventually broken. When our own impatience causes an actual break in the prayer line transmission, we must resubmit our original request. There really are no unanswered prayers. There are only misdirected and disconnected communication attempts.

If you are one that prefers not to include God in your view of creating your own reality, it still works the exact same way. To whatever energetic fulcrum of creation you send your visions, your affirmations, your dreams of yourself, etc., the transmission must be unimpeded, aligned in every aspect to your inner guide, and consistent.

If approached as a spiritual tool, the world wide web can function to energetically reconfigure our awareness of what is possible. It can raise our physical vibration to global resonance. When we vibrate at global resonance, praying for one individual is less possible. It is a global consciousness.

Granted, it is but a glimpse into the vastness of the Akashic Records but can serve as our training wheels as we move toward Oneness. I have been there before, but I live there now more and more. It is beginning to be the way I am. It is Mitakuye Oyasin. It is Oneness and walking in awareness of the interconnectedness of all things and all beings.

If I had approached the internet without a spiritual intent, the world wide web may have had the exact opposite effect on my life. After a week or two surfing the world with no intention, I may have lost my ability to think in any other way than through the use of mechanical logic. Establishing intent is vital to what happens when you go online.

Akashic Records information: Imagine having all knowledge, events, and experience that has ever been or will ever be, accessible to you at once. I remember, when I first heard about this vibation of all knowledge, it didn't seem all that far fetched to me, since I grew up in a fundamental Christian faith and had heard all my life that God knew everything, and even knew how many hairs were on my head (and the head of any other being that lived). If that were true, then all knowledge had to be somewhere and, somehow, accessible.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: This spiritual information is shared from my own experience and path of Spirit. You may certainly have a different view or belief system in place that may resonate with what I'm sharing, or not. I have no investment in that. I hope that those who can gather some wisdom from my experience will find this page and take what they need.