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GMO Foods Boycott List for
Protecting GM Foods Labeling

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Boycott these companies if you want to support our best chance of GMO labeling and knowing what is in our food supply

The Boycott List

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There is a grass roots movement afoot to protect our right to know what goes into the food we eat. There are powerful, powerful forces with deep pockets trying to keep us from being able to easily tell if GM foods are present in products. Since these powerful companies (Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, Merk, Eli Lilly, etc.) have politicians and lobbyists in key positions for protecting their interests, the best way we can create a difference is with our buying choices.

Boycott GM foods manufacturers and those who support the pesticide deluge that is happening via Round Up and the new Agent Orange pesticide; boycott the following companies and ALL of their products and you will be hitting them the only place that hurts.

GM Foods and Pesticide Boycott List
1. Monsanto - Biggest GM biotech company, creating GM seeds with no other agenda that I can see except to control the world through controlling the food supply. If farmers must buy their seeds every year, from Monsanto, they effectively control food. Monsanto is also responsible for Round Up and the even more devastatingly harmful Agent Orange pesticide that is being sprayed all over the United States as I write this, leaving sick people in it's wake.

2. Dupont and Solae - Second biggest producer of GM crops.

3. BASF Plant Science - GM soy and corn.

4. Syngenta.

5. Eli Lilly.

6. Merck (The company that brought us the Gardisil vaccine, leaving a trail of dead teenage girls in it's wake).

7. Archer Daniels Midland (ADM)

8. Campbell's Soup (They've been on my personal boycott list for decades, simply due to high level of monosodium glutamate in their soups. Campbell's Soup is fed to children all over the world... that fact alone helps me boycott Campbell's products across the board.

9. Pepsico and Coca-Cola.

10. Cargill.

11. J. M. Smucker - Kinda surprised to see this company on the boycott list.

12. Kelloggs - I can't tell you the last time I purchased a Kellogg's product.

13. Kraft Foods - I can't tell you the last time I purchased a Kraft product.

14. Nestle - Nestle has been on my personal boycott list since I learned about how they are pulling water out from under the Great Lakes from hundreds of miles away. Wrong. Should be illegal.

15. Dow Agrosciences.

16. Conagra.

17. Bayer.

18. Starbucks - I was shocked to see Starbucks on the list. Shame on you for supporting GM technology.

19. Anything the Koch Brothers have their hand in, their name on or their voice behind. If there is one deep pocket I'd love to see emptied, it's that of the Koch Brothers.

20. Annie's Homegrown - I added these to the list, as well as Koch Brothers. I added Annie's, one of my previously enjoyed products, because of their decision to partner with General Mills.

21. Maybe all chicken that isn't organic?
If chicken isn't organic, it's a sure bet it is either being fed gmo corn or soy. That isn't the only problem with chicken these days. I am sadly adding Hardees to the boycott list (sadly, because I love their bisquits) after seeing a video about abysmal living conditions of their chickens and seeing how overgrown they are, to the point of not being able to walk. I'm not sure who sources Hardee's chicken and the source of meat to fast food restaurants is a little hard to track down but the video I saw is pretty much the same horror show as the one I've seen of a Perdue chicken farm. I am very sad that Coleman sold out to Perdue. They say they are trying to make things better. I hope so. Of course, Perdue says that farm showing the video is not typical but I don't see what the chicken farmer possibly has to gain by revealing conditions. According to him, he was graded very high on the Perdue scale for doing things according to Perdue guidelines. If that's true, their treatment of chickens is abhorent.

This GM foods boycott list (except for my adding the Koch brothers on # 19 and Annie's Homegrown) came from a video on the subject. To view that video in it's entirety, visit What You Need to Know About GMO's and the GMA

Health Disclaimer: The decision to boycott GM Foods and those who are against GMO labeling is my personal stand. It is based on what I've read. I believe it is a stand that each American should have the right to make. You and I have a right to know about growing evidence that genetically modified organisms may have serious and far-reaching health implications. The dowsing of some folks in their back yard recently, in Oregon, with this new Agent Orange pesticide has resulted in deaths and numerous reports of illness. There is mounting evidence that GM foods creates imbalance and illness in the body of any living thing that consumes them for very long. Whether or not GM foods are ever "proven" harmful by the FDA, it should still be the right of every American to know what is in the food they eat. Learn more in this ebook on GMO Food Poisoning