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Healing the Past - the Child Within
Healing Journey Class, Lesson 8

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The Healing Journey Series

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Healing the Wounded Inner Child


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Lesson eight of the online healing class about vibrational healing facilitation. In this lesson, we discuss inner child healing facilitation -- what happens when wounded childhood aspects surfact in a healing session.

Who is the Inner Child?
Some say the inner child is simply the repressed parts of your psyche, usually aspects that were damaged or wounded during the formative years of your childhood -- usually from birth to age 7 and predominantly from age 4 to 7. Others say the inner child is really who you are, the one with your soul purpose and the self that knows why you came and what you want to do with your life. That inner aspect, when shut down at an early age, holds your truth til such time as you can reclaim your true essence and heal the trauma, abuse or event that shut you down.

In my own experience, the second definition comes far closer to the mark. Once I was able to face the unresolved emotional pain of childhood abuse in my own life, I suddenly realized I had no idea who I really was, before. I was wearing masks and pretending. Until I met my own innocent, loving, magnificent inner child, I was literally not myself in the world.

How Do You Know if Inner Child Healing is Needed?
Since the memories and emotions are blocked and repressed, a person may have no idea that they are not being themselves. So how do you know if there's a core essence in there, wanting to be reclaimed? Symptoms of inner child repression to watch for and ask about in your clients:

* Persistent, unexplained numbness, ache or pain, in one part of the body.
* Tapping feet or rocking absentmindedly, particularly during times of stress or worry, or to fall asleep.
* Obsessive spatial needs, either to be alone or always around people.
* Struggles with even minor decisions, like what to wear or say.
* Screen memories - a scene that stands out, as if frozen in time, with no memory of what happened before or after.

Physical symptoms that may show improvement after an inner child healing:

* Colitis, irritable bowel
* Migraines
* Stress
* Depression
* Sleep/breathing disorders
* Ulcers, hernias, acid reflux
* Compulsive/obsessive, co-dependent behavior
* Skin disorders
* Premenstrual syndrome, frigidity, impotence
* Eating disorders

Health Disclaimer: In saying physical symptoms may show improvement with this type of healing facilitation, I am NOT saying to disregard physical symptoms or conditions. If you are under a doctor's care for any of these conditions, check with your doctor before stopping any medications. It has been my experience that, once the stress of tamping down painful memories and emotions is gone, the body often shows remarkable unwinding of conditions at a physical level. However, Inner Child healing is not being presented as a replacement for any needed medical care or for mental health assistance in coping with abuse or childhood trauma.

How do you know if Original Essence Recovery may benefit you? Let the child within you hear the following words as if your conscious self, the self that is reading these words, is talking directly to the inner child within you right now:

"I want you to know I am choosing to create a safe place for you in my life. I commit to loving, honoring, respecting and supporting you. You will be listened to, accepted, and allowed complete freedom to express whatever you need to express. Here, in this safe place, you can feel whatever you need to feel. Here, you'll be comforted and understood. You have carried some burdens for a long time. You were able to do that because you are smart and very strong. You had to do that because you had no choice. I want you to know that you have different choices now.

I will honor your boundaries. I understand you tried to speak out some things before, and were not allowed to be yourself or tell your truth. I understand that it may take a little time before you trust me, and that is good because it means you have learned to protect yourself. I will give you the time you need to trust me.. You can remember a little or a lot, or you can just let the memories release through emotion or breath. You have different choices now. You are in control. Remember who you are."

If you had any strong reaction to the words just read, such as numbness, sadness, excitement, or anger, inner child healing may be something you will find beneficial.

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Healing Disclaimer: Energetic and Vibrational healing is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation, treatment or testing.