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How to Avoid Taking On Energy from Others
Healing Journey Class, Lesson 5

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The Healing Journey Series

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Temporary Sensory Transference and how to avoid taking on the energy of others


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This is part of a series on vibrational healing facilitation. In this section we discuss a common occurance for the new healer, where energies from the healing session continue to affect the healing facilitator after the session has been completed. I call this temporary sensory transference.

Beginning healers may experience an unsettling phenomenon, especially when first beginning to spend a lot of time in energetically connected space with others. They may actually feel the pain of others more acutely, and feel emotional or physical distress after a session because of having "picked up" energetic resonance frequencies while working with someone as a healing facilitator.

Common examples might include suddenly having a headache after working with someone suffering from migraines or suddenly feeling overcome by specific emotion that your partern in healing on the table was also feeling acutely at the time of the session.

This may have many definitions but I call this phenomenon "temporary sensory transference", and there are several reasons it may occur. Below is just a partial list of reasons you may find yourself feeling the feelings of others after a healing session with them:

You may have similar vibratory patterns in your own mind, body or energetic field. While you may unconsciouly choose to dwell on the session and the person afterwards, nothing can truly energetically attach to your field or cause adverse reaction unless you are invested in it somehow.

Reasons for this type of resonance alignment include:

* Buried or surpressed emotional imbalances: If you have emotional or past physical issues that are similar in resonance to whatever is being focused on and witnessed for the person on the healing table and if you have have completely released and resolved those issues in your own life, the vibrational tone of the session may strike a triggering cord in you.

* Ego attachment to outcome. Wanting something to shift for the person when that person is not readly or willing to have it shift. This kind of desire on your part keeps the energetic connection open long after the session is over.

* Ego agreement to be Savior. Some come to healers because they want someone else to save them, to make their decisions, to do their spiritual work for them. If we agree, on an ego level, to fill that Savior position on the pyramid, the connection really never closes. We're on duty, energetically, 24 / 7.

Whatever the reason, if you notice that you are feeling something that does not feel entirely yours after a session, it's important to check in to see if you are identifying, resonating with or supporting ego patterns in a way that does not serve you.

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