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Co-Creative Healing and Grounding
Healing Journey Class, Lesson 4

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The Healing Journey Series

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Co-Creative Healing, Keeping Yourself Grounded and Other Vibrational Healer Facilitation Tips


This is part of a series on vibrational healing facilitation In this section, we talk about co-creative healing and grounding techniques for those working with energetic frequencies.

What is Co-Creative Healing?
Much like the patient who goes to their doctor, has tests done and implicitly follows their doctor's suggestions, without question or concern, there are those who entrust their spiritual wellbeing to healers or healing facilitators without engaging their own sense of what is right for them at any given time. You may be that kind of healer, if you wish. You may provide a solution and be responsible for guiding that client to the solution you see as best for the person at that time, based on your own psychic diagnostics of the situation ... or ... you may offer to stand witness and hold energy for a person to find their own answers and do their own play/work to reach transformation.

For me, the path became clear when I realized that those I provided answers for were, in actuality, still without answers since they had just adopted mine and had not found their own. At some point in my own evolution from healer to healing facilitator to sacred witness, I began to drop the desire to give anyone answers, in favor of embodying energetic resonance that allowed for them finding their own answers within.

What is Grounding and Why Is It Important for the Healing Facilitator?
Grounding is a term healers often use when talking about how to do healing work. In general, being grounded means being stable within your own energy field, balanced and strong. For the healer, grounding may also mean being able to work with people without taking on the vibrational imabalance of others or getting too disconnected from physical reality in a session. After a session, grounding is useful to help reduce the likelihood of taking on vibrational or emotional energy from the person they've just worked with in the session.

For me, being grounded is far more important in the beginning than it becomes later on. At first, there is such a drastic difference in vibrational awareness that happens when the energies start in a session that grounding can help a new healer from sort of floating away, so to speak.

However, as I grew in my own ability to allow natural self-balancing and monitoring to occur, and more ability to let go and let God in a session, it became less necessary to actually practice grounding excercises before and after. For me, the definition of a grounded practitioner would mean that they are connected to the energies of the 3-d reality as well as multi-dimensional, etheric reality in such a way as to feel balanced between them. So how does one ground the energies? There are several helpful techniques for grounding I will share.

Grounding Techniques, Before and During:
To ground before or during a session so you are fully present and aware, practice deep breathing, stretching, and notice your toes. I don't mean look at them or touch them, just notice them by putting focus there. Instantly grounding.

Envisioning yourself as a tree with roots growing out of the bottom of your feet, going deep into the earth til you hear the roots hit an imaginary center and then breathing back up the energy of the center of the earth, up thru your feet, legs, trunk, arms, chest, face and head.

Grounding Techniques, After:
Grounding after a session is typically necessary for the new healer. It's easy to take on emotional or physical vibrational reality from the person you just worked with, particularly if you allowed empathy from an ego space (in other words, if you "felt sorry for" them or wished something had changed for them -- entertaining judgment about what actually occurred).

To ground after a session, my favorite techinque was to use both hands to flush energy down the body into the ground and then flush energy back up the entire body into the sky. I usually did this three times and let breath guide the movement.

I also found running water over the hands and arms to be a good disconnect from the session, and grounding as well. I would usually run both hands under water from running tap about 10 times.

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Healing Disclaimer: Energetic and Vibrational healing is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation, treatment or testing.