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Kundalini - The Serpent Dances
Healing Journey Class, Lesson Six

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The Healing Journey Series

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Dancing with the Serpent - Kundalini Awakening and the new healer

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The Lifeline Technique

This is part of an online healing class for vibrational healing facilitation. In this section we discuss kundalini awakening, the role of the new healer if this occurs and how to address this happening with our healing partner if it occurs.

Respecting the fire:
If you hear the word "kundalini" what do you envision? For me, it was always a very mysterious word that had to do with sexual energy. It felt like something a guru might do to you rather than something that happens.

Those mistaken ideas came from imagery I had seen and from not really understanding what was being represented. I was looking at the word thru the lens of fundamental Christianity so it felt dangerous as well. A snake climbing up your spine. Uh. No thanks.

Another reason this whole idea of "kundalini awakening" caused fear in me was that I had been abused as a child and had shut that energy down early.

When we have our sexuality, sensuality and/or creative passions closed down, we are only half alive. To be honest, though, waking those energies back up isn't easy either, especially when the suppressed emotions that were tucked into the close down surface.

So, the first thing I'd say to a new healing facilitator is tend your own kundalini first. Otherwise, the first time you have a person on the table for whom kundalini awakening occurs, you may suddenly find yourself in a situation that will be difficult to manage.

What is a kundalini awakening?
I suppose those who experience a kundalini awakening may describe what happened in various ways but a common denominator includes some very noticable sense of movement and other sensation up the spine.

In my case, I felt alternately as if hot water were being poured up my spine or as if some kind of electrical current was making love to my very bones.

Also, I literally felt like my spinal bones were aroused, all the way to my skull. My actual spinal cord seemed to be stimulated and sexually charged. It was the same sensation as if my sexual organs were aroused, only about a hundred times stronger. It was exquisite and also tremendously hard to endure.

Another thing I remember was how alive I felt. Alive in every pore. So alive that .... the world seemed quite less than, when it ended. I wanted the feeling to go on forever yet I knew that, as long as it continued, I'd be unable to function or do anything except lay, immersed in esctasy.

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Healing Disclaimer: Reiki or other types of energy work are not not represented as replacement for medical evaluation, treatment or testing you may additionally need.