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Physical Pain as a Symptom
Healing Journey Class, Lesson 10

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The Healing Journey Series

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Is it the role of the healer to take pain away?

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This is part of a series on vibrational healing facilitation.

In this section we discuss the position of the healing facilitator when the main reason a person is coming to a healer is because they are in physical pain.

When Your Client is in Physical Pain:

People in physical pain may make up the bulk of those who come to see you as a new healer. As a healer, one realizes that the physical level is the last place an imbalance manifests. We know, if there is chronic pain, that a previous imbalance of a non-physical nature is the root cause. Emotional, mental and spiritual misalignments are far more important a focus for whole-being healing yet it may be physical pain that is the focus for most who end up on your table.

Physical pain is a powerful motivator for change; it is also a powerful influence for staying the same.

What you may notice is that your clients come because they are in physical pain, more than because they want to address, or even realize, that deeper issues must also be addressed.

In other words, the physical pain has gotten so bad that they feel they must do something ... yet, there is not a willingness to look at the deeper causes of the pain, on emotional, mental or spiritual levels underlying the physical pain now resulting.

The toughest love I've had to give as a healing facilitator involved releasing clients where no shift was happening beyond a temporary lessening of pain.

As you will read further down, though, this is not a decision I made lightly or quickly in most cases, due to my own experience with healing and reclaiming my inner child.

I could have kept seeing the client (or partner in healing, the term I liked at the time) and utilizing personal energy to take the top layer off the pain over and over.

At some point, I felt this became a disservice, the same as the doctor who keeps prescribing sleeping pills or antidepressants when the root cause of insomnia or depression is not being addressed.

Allowing Your Clients to Keep Their Pain:

As you begin to work as a healer, you will most assuredly see varied results with different people. The mind loves to grab hold of discrepancies and worry about them. Why did this one feel so much better and this one felt worse or just the same after the session?

It will be sometimes difficult to keep your ego out of the way when you feel a session has gone well, and yet, the person reports back to you that they feel no different than before or, horror of horrors, they even feel worse.

You will also be faced with situations where you clearly recognize what a spiritual or emotional blockage is about and yet the shift toward healing does not happen.

You may clearly see, as I often did, the cellular congestion that has resulted in pain and understand what needs to be shifted for the pain to permanently go. Yet, the person on the healing table resists the shift or is not ready for that level of release.

What I learned over the years, and what I had to walk with daily in impeccability, is that I do not govern the rate of healing for anyone. It's not a healing facilitator's place to choose when a person shifts and heals.

Shifts and healing are agreements made between the one who is seeking the healing and the God of their knowing. I was only there a supportive witness and another prayer vessel.

If there is internal resistance to the healing , no matter how much the person might profess to want to heal, then matters may have to get worse -- to flame up -- before the resistance can be gotten past. I had to release all expectation of result.

When there is too much resistance to the energies, I've noticed that Reiki frequency or other gridline of shift vibration may remain just inside the person's field for many days, until it can gently clear and flush the toxic emotional/mental layers.

It may unfold in the days after a healing session, that wonderful shifts and new awareness emerge. If there is no resistance, on the other hand, and the person is ready to heal, quite tremendous and immediate effects may occur.

Is it Ever OK to Facilitate Temporary Relief?
I believe it is perfect sometimes, for pain relief to occur. Sometimes, a temporary lifting of the pain gives the person breathing room, so to speak, so they can begin to understand what has caused them to manifest the pain. This was certainly true in my own healing of childhood abuse. I remember how incredible it felt to me to be without pain the first time.

Still, after that initial feeling of peace, it was a long time after that before I could face what had happened when I was a child and truly reclaim my inner child.

If that healer had not shown me there was hope, by helping me begin to feel differently in my body, it may have been a lot further into this lifetime before I began to heal and embrace life again. If she had not been patient with me, and willing to work slowly peeling the onion layers of my emotional pain, I might have left the experience believing there was no hope at all.

Energy knows where to flow and what is ready to shift at a cellular level.

My position, as a healer facilitator, became more and more a neutral position as time went on. I still had the same degree of compassion for those in pain ... and ... I released myself as judge of what should happen for that person.

Suggested Spiritual Practice - Noticing when my mind starts to argue with someone else's truth and choosing to shift to active listening from a space of acceptance, tolerance and love.

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Healing Disclaimer: Energetic and Vibrational healing is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation, treatment or testing.