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Healing with Personal Integrity
Vibrational Energy Healing, Lesson 3

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The Healing Journey Series

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Approaching healing facilitation sessions with personal integrity


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Being a healer ... Being in Service to others ...

If these are words you might use to describe your perspective of what you offer others, let's start with a perspective a little bit different ... I will be using terms like "healing facilitator" or "healing witness" to denote that position one may take in relationship to someone in pain and seeking relief. What is the difference, you might ask, between healer and facilitator, between healing and witness? One is ultimately self-empowering for the person on the table and the other is ultimately disempowering. Which do you want to be, in relationship to those who come to you for support? For the new healer, there are three significant areas of focus that will be valuable in learning how to work with vibrational energies:

1. Personal Integrity
2. Ability to be a clear channel for energetic flow
3. Release of unelevated ego responses in each moment.

So what do I mean by each of these areas of focus? What does it mean to heal with personal integrity? How does one become a clear channel for energetic flow? How does one know whether a response if from an elevated or unelevated ego space? Well, rather than answer those questions directly, which would be my answers and not yours, I'd like to share some tips that have helped me reach my own answers with these important questions.

Tips for Healing with Integrity:

1. Flow Occurs Naturally Energy naturally flows where there is room for it and an opening for it's influence. I have often reminded myself, as well as those who come to me for guidance, that the only being I truly have authority to change is myrself. Respecting where each person is within their consciousness is vital for the healing facilitator who wishes to play with integrity.

I can assure you this respect will sometimes lead to leaving people with their pain; yes, the very pain they may want desperately to release. Healing is not always a spontaneous affair. Sometimes, there are many levels of healing that must occur, at a rate that the overall consciousness of the being will accept and embrace. I've seen that, for some, there is a desire to heal in conflict with a desire to stay in a state of woundedness, for whatever reasons the soul may have created that state. Sometimes, an initial session is more like a primer and results are not as immediate as the healing facilitator would like them to be.

The main way I recognize a resistance to full healing is when the energetic flow coming from my hands stops, meets resistance or ceases to flow. Backing away in such cases, even when I can see the finish line of release for a person, is the only action I can take if I am healing with personal integrity. It's not really up to me to judge why they need to hold that pain or damage a little longer; it's up to me to honor their right to do so.

2. Release unelevated ego response, moment to moment.
So how do you recognize an unelevated ego response? Tension is a sure sign, as is any desire to push for a particular result. When I first started out as a healer, a term I no longer use by the way, I wanted very much to have each person step off my table feeling transformed and renewed. I could see the shifts that would enable more flexibility, creativity and joy and I definitely pushed energy toward those shifts. It was counterproductive. Equally counterproductive were those desires to have someone see me as powerful, and to have a positive feeling about the experience. In time, I discovered that some of the most powerful transformations I personally witnessed were not during the first session, or the second, or sometimes the 10th. It had nothing to do with me and everything to do with the evolution of the soul on the table. It was their journey, not mine.

"Daily Spiritual Practice - Deliberately giving that inch, even if I think someone will try to take a mile." Neva

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Healing Disclaimer: Energetic and Vibrational healing is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation, treatment or testing.