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Healing with Reiki; What to Expect
Healing Journey Class, Lesson 2

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The Healing Journey Series

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Introduction to Healing with Reiki, part two of Healing Journey Class
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Note: I got some of this info on Reiki from a Reiki practitioner years ago. Portions are not my own material but I've long since lost the name of the person who shared it with me. Just wanted to indicate that it was not my copywritten material. >This is part two of a class on energetic healing faciltation.

Although the Healing Journey Class is more a general healing preparation class than a Reiki class, I have been attuned as Reiki Master and am including this information on healing with Reiki. I feel that a lot of the principals in Reiki healing are the same as any other type of energetic healing although the specific gridline of energy is different. If you are considering becoming a Reiki Master, this information may be helpful.

What is Reiki?
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and promoting healing . It is administered by "laying on hands" (in this case, it will be adminstered by intent and from the non-physical realms) and is based on the "life force energy" or "chi" flowing through each of us. If one's "life force energy" or "chi" is low, then we are more likely to experience dis-ease or feel stress. The body radiates warmth and energy. This energy is the "life force energy". A Reiki session can bring that "life force energy" back into balance so that the body can heal itself.

The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words. One is Rei, which means "Gods Wisdom", or the Higher Power and the other is Ki, which is "life force energy". So Reiki is actually "Spiritually guided life force energy". The energies associated with Reiki healing are very powerful and will help you to access more of your natural healing essence, as a child of Universal Life Force.

What Happens in a Reiki Healing Session?
I personally enjoy getting a Reiki session. For me, it is very relaxing, very subtle and enjoyable. I usually experience tingling, warmth or cold sensations and some clearing of the mental processes, a slowing down of the mind. I experience the Reiki energy automatically flowing thru my body to wherever there is imbalance in the body. Healing with Reiki treats the whole person - body, emotions, mind, and spirit. For many, myself included, a session may result in wonderful feelings of joy and peace.

What I noticed in a Reiki Session with Others
I am not actively giving Reiki sessions now. During the time that I was very active as a Reiki Master, I did many, many sessions and the differences in immediate response were very varied and could include emotional, physical or spiritual components.

Emotional release during a Reiki session was quite common. Some experienced deep, deep emotional release during the session, including weeping, remembering past abuse or the arising of strong emotional memories that were surfacing for healing.

Others might lay almost immobile on the table for the entire session and, upon coming back after the session, would report that they experience a spiritual journey and may have seen guide aspects of themselves or traveled to other realms.

Sometimes, a person might have pronounced physical reactions as the energy met resistance or large pockets of cellular memory and, in such cases, the person on the table might shake, have chills or become very hot or cold, or almost convulse at tims from energetic interaction. The head would often move back and forth in rapid fashion, something that indicates to me retracing and tracking of some pattern that is unwinding. The eyes also might display retracing and tracking symptoms, such as rapid eye movements, squinting, eyes opening and closing, eyes looking up toward head, etc.

And there were some who seemed to feel nothing beyond being a little relaxed. Sometimes, these were the most powerful sessions but the results would take time to filter into the field. I would sometimes hear reports of remarkable insights or shifts occuring a few days after a session in which there appeared to be little happening.

Side Effects of Reiki
As relaxing and enjoyable as a Reiki session may be, the healing energies transmitted may sometimes result in more physical results, not all of which are entirely pleasant. When the healing energy results in a flushing out of physical toxins and/or negative emotions, the person is thought to be detoxing. The temporary physical feelings of achiness or flu-like symptoms associated with this type of clearing are so common that they are called the "Reiki-Achies" by some.

Occasional feelings of depression, melancholy or angst can also occur but should be temporary in nature. If not, please get back in touch with your Reiki practitioner. The typical reactions are nothing to be alarmed about but do contact your facilitator if you experience them in a way that feels too intense for you, or if they last longer than 24 hours, because they may be able to help you facilitate a swift return to balance and will be glad to help in that way.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing that works well with traditional medical or therapeutic techniques to promote recovery and to help relieve side effects from therapeutic drugs (such as those from chemotherapy). I have found healing with Reiki tremendously helpful for dealing with our everyday stresses and strains. Regular Reiki sessions, whether self-administered or received from another Reiki practitioner, will help you deal with day to day work, pollutions, traffic, and other stress factors.

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Healing Disclaimer: Energetic and Vibrational healing is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation, treatment or testing.