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Severe Constipation Questions
Is it Post-Surgery Complication?

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Dealing with Severe Constipation


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This is part two of a two-part wellness evaluation. Please read Addressing Severe Constipation, Part One, for more full understanding of the health issues being discussed. After an inital response in part one, I asked for additional information surrounding the severe constipation this person was experiencing. We pick up the dialogue there, with my question, their response and additional helpful tips for addressing severe constipation.

My question at end of part one of the evaluation: I'd like to know more about what type of surgery you had too, if you don't mind sharing. Just wondering if you had problems with constipation before and, if not, if the surgery itself could have been a factor. Did you ask your doctor if any of the parts of the brain that affect eliminatory function were involved in the surgery?

Response to my question: (a lot of information removed for brevity and to protect privacy): This person was attacked, which resulted in brain injury requiring a dozen different surgeries. Pain was severe so each surgery was accompanied by strong pain killers. Constipation was not a problem before the assault, injury and many surgeries. This person saw a gi doctor, had a colonoscopy and had a polyp removed. Otherwise, colonoscopy showed no colon problems. The doctor said that my colon looked good....thought I was having this problem from all the anesthesia. (Has had to use laxatives or enemas to have bowel movement since surgery, about 7 months).

I take colace daily now. I was using ducolax to help me. (experiences distended stomach after eating). I wake up everyday and my belly hurts, it will wake me up in the morning cause it hurts so bad that i have to go an use an enema so I feel better. (Bowel movements are dry, hard and in littles pieces). Healing Facilitation response: Yes, I didn't think about the anesthesia so that also could be a factor in creating a continued state of constipation, especially since you've had to undergo so many surgeries (12) since the accident. Anesthesia is constipating. Add to that the constipating qualities of some of the pain killers you were on and I can see where it might have set you up for chronic constipation over time.

However, now that you tell me all that you went through and that it started with an assault, I'm wondering if there are not emotional issues at play too. Being assaulted can strike at the very fiber of our sense of feeling safe in the world. When we do not feel safe, we operate in a stressed, tense way and that includes all our bodily functions. Digestion suffers, as does sleep and elimination. If you did not receive counseling after this traumatic event, I would encourage you to consider it now. Working through any subconscious fears and residual trauma response with a qualified mental health counselor or even a spiritual counselor could be helpful.

If you are are open to it, a spiritual healer might also be very helpful in balancing the energy of the body, helping release fear and the fight or flight response that may still be stressing your immune system and contributing to the constipation, and helping the body relax so that the colon can also relax.

Foot Reflexology for Constipation:
Foot reflexology is simply wonderful for constipation. If you have a reflexologist in your area, I'd suggest exploring that option for healing. There's some info on my site about foot reflexology, in case it's a new thing for you: Reflexology Information. It is safe, usually less expensive than massage and most people find it very relaxing.

Affirmations for Healing: Speaking positive affirmations may be helpful for retraining the nervous system response after a violent attack. The body may still be in flight or fight mode so affirming can help relax the body response and speed recovery. Here is a sample affirmatnion that you may want to try or create your own that feel soothing and comforting to you:

"That was then, this is now. Be here now. I AM safe."

Your local health store may be able to suggest some safe, non-addictive sleep aids or anti-anxiety aids. Again, must stress that you must pass these by your doctor before taking, particularly if they have you still on meds from the injury or the assault. If it were me, i'd definitely call my main doctor and ask him if he can determine if any of those surgeries may have affected the area of the brain responsible for regulating bowel elimination. If so, and if it were me, I'd look to a spiritual healing specialist for help with helping the brain area restore balance and heal from the energetic trauma of both the assault and the surgery.

To reiterate dietary choices that would help in your situation ..... Reducing consumption of dense proteins like beef and pork is a good idea, as is reducing constipation-enhancing foods like white sugar and white flour products.

Non-GMO Whole grains and natural sweeteners like organic agave are good substitutes for white flour and refined sugar products, neither of which is a friend to the colon. You've been through quite a lot. Take care of yourself. Your body is insisting on it.

Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in this health evaluation about post-surgery complications and severe constipation is educational in nature and does not replace personal medical advice from your intestinal health specialists. Acting on the health information found here is the right and responsibility of the reader. If you have severe constipation or chronic bowel problems, please consult with your doctor.