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Healing-Induced Spiritual Journey
Facing the fear of not coming back

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Addressing the fears of spiritual journeying

by N J Howell

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Question on spiritual healing:
This is a strange question but i'll explain what happened today and I would be grateful on any advice you have to offer.

I went to a spiritual healing session .... Basically they just stand next to you and try to put you in touch with whatever it is out there. I asked then to help the pressure on the left side of my head and the general stiffness of my back. I was fine for around 5 minutes but felt like I was almost fighting something, but then started breathing deeply and felt like i was being pulled somewhere and then after a period of pretty intense nausea and dizziness and fear (of not coming back).. i went...

Next thing, I'm looking at the healers face not having an idea of where i was, but knowing that I had been somewhere. It was one of the strangest and most powerful experiences of my life. Then, I read your article on hypersensitivity and can identify with most of it, so something is going on. Any idea where I went to? and do I need to have any concerned about not being able to come back? Should I be afraid?

Healing Facilitation response:
In my own experience, I've often had fear around deep spiritual journeying. I think a lot of people do slip into fear because such a journey involves giving up control, even of what we think reality consists of at the time.

I have also experienced the extreme nausea and dizziness you described, along with a very real fear of never coming back. I remember one time in particular my healing partner kept saying "let go, let go" and I simply could not, for fear. Later, I did let go and experienced spiritual surrender that allowed for deep transmutation. For me, the sensation of fear that would come when facing a spiritual journey or shamanic experience was like a freefall and I was afraid I'd just keep falling through space. For you, it may have felt like a tunnel or expressed itself through your senses another way.

What I'd be looking at, if this type of healing experience happened to me, are the lasting results. I would notice if the physical symptoms, such as the left-sided head pressure or the stiffness in the back, had eased or changed since the healing session. I'd also be noticing any changes in dreamtime or waking consciousness since the healing experience that I would consider beneficial or positive? Notice that positive doesn't always mean easy. Recognizing areas of our lives where we are living an unauthentic life, for example, can lead to emotional reactions and uprisings within. The question to ask is whether they are valid.

When experiencing challenges to your current life and seeing that changes are truly needed on a spiritual level, I consider that valid struggle that will resolve itself with your kind and focused attention and intent. Or conversely, have you had issues from the past resurface in a way that you can see will be ultimately healing for you? Notice that positive doesn't always mean easy.

When we close down around traumas from childhood, those wounds can feel as fresh as yesterday when reopened. It's important to get the help you need in balancing and reclaiming your inner child, your original essence, should these types of positive challenges present themselves after a healing.

I believe giving in to the fear of not coming back is more spiritually harmful than just allowing ourselves to go when called. I think it's important to continually give over the fear to that within us which is larger than the fear, and to go.

To me, it has gotten less important to know where I'm going than to know I'm being accelerated by whatever journeys I am taking, whether in meditation, during a healing session, or in dreamtime.

As long as the healing facilitator you were working with was not pushing energy and energetically forcing you toward the journey, I would feel fine with that experience. There are some healing facilitators who have not yet learned that, even though they can see a gridline of energy that could be traveled by the person they are working with - a gridline of acceleration, they interfere with free will if they attempt to force that journey.

On a spiritual level, left-sided pain may be an indication of sensitivity allowing you to feel more frequencies around you than the next person. The left side of the body is female, or yin while the right side is yang. However, at the neck the polarities shift. The right side of the brain, the more creative and intuitive side, is female and the right, analytical side is male in energy. Whenever a person has pain near the cross-over point for these two aspects of our vibrational beingness, in addition to whatever physical illness or disease that can be labeled and addressed, that pain points in some way toward male/female imbalance.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: Spiritual journeying, whether in the context of a healing session or as the result of meditation, fasting, prayer, ceremony or dreamtime, is a very personal experience. The information contained in any health care / spiritual healing article or material on this site is not intended to define any person's spiritual journey but only suggestive of meaning I have found in my own times of deep journeying. Any action taken based on the contents found in this or any educational health information on Ask A Healer is at the sole discretion of the reader. Please consult with your chosen spiritual guides and counselors, and your own inner knowing, when assessing the risks involved in facing your fears within the framework of spiritual journeying.