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What is a Healer? What does a healer do?


The definition of what a healer actually is and what that path of service involves, has changed for me dramatically since about 2001. This shift was mostly brought about by a severe personal crisis that ripped my world apart although I am sure that what happened in my world just 2 days after September 11, 2001 was intensified and made even more devastating by the events of 9/11.

As am empath, feeling the almost unbearable wave of suffering, pain, and personal struggle with destiny and fate that rippled through the atmosphere after that fateful day really set the stage for my own tragedy to be flamed up to a degree I did not think I would survive in the body.

As a result of a drastic withdrawal from service as a healing facilitator then, and 7 years of wandering in my own wilderness of destruction, reconstruction and reconfiguration, I emerged with a different feel for life and the spiritual path I choose to follow with what life I have left here on earth.

What Does a Healer Do? They show up, open up and then do as much of nothing as possible. I saw that, even though the role of the healer in the past was vital, we are moving into a planetary space where those who have considered themselves healers are no longer offering themselves in the same way. In fact, we cannot offer ourselves in the same way and still continue to help the planet evolve and awaken.

Many healers I know have almost stopped focusing on balancing the physical and focus almost exclusively on balancing at a spiritual level. Of course, there have always been healing facilitators who stayed at the level of spiritual transformation and did not focus on physical healing but the difference now is the numbers.

Mass numbers of those who have been in service on primarily physical issues are now shifting their energies and work toward spiritual acceleration and activation, playing in the ALL THAT IS and doing as little of nothing as possible so that the ALL can move freely in lives they touch.

We live in a time of personal mastery and empowerment and the best of those in the healing field know that the best service we can offer is spiritual activation, which happens best in an environment where all we do is stand in energetic support and witness. There is increasing awareness among healing facilitators I communicate with that addressing the physical symptoms directly does not work but as we stand in witness, allowing universal play and with an intent to support, physical conditions begin to bring themselves into alignment.

I, like many other healers, had to make an adjustment away from focus on the physical. It's not easy when a person is in pain and the only thing they are focused on is making the pain, or disease, go away. In the past, I was distressed when physical and emotional issues were left unresolved for those who sought my help as a healer. I wanted, as did those who came to me, for physical healing to occur.

Now, with the wisdom of time, I see that healing physical level issues first, where a spiritual imbalance preceded them and still existed, was not doing any true service. It was like using a bandaid or offering an aspirin because the physical condition would return, if the spiritual imbalance remained.

In intentionally opening to be a conduit of supportive energy for others to do their own work, I have learned to let go of expectation on the physical level. Sometimes, the physical is the last part of a being to come into alignment. And compared to soul-level alignment, it is also the least important aspect. To stand as witness and offer energetic support is the way of the healer. The masses have evolved to the point where having someone lift the energy from us in the old ways is no longer necesssary in a lot of cases now. Should you be a healer?

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Spiritual Healing Disclaimer: Becoming a healer ( healing facilitator ) is a deeply personal choice. Prayer, meditation, and even retreat time or sabbatical is good during the time of choosing, to find clarity on the path as it is opening for you. The information on being a healer you are reading is not intended to take the place of personal medical or spiritual advice. Please consult with your chosen healthcare professional matters relating to your spiritual health and well-being.