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Hearing Problems with the Inner Ear
Spiritual Implications of Ear Infections

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About Hearing Problems, inner ear pain and ear infections - What is ear pain telling you on a physical level? On a spiritual level?


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If you are looking for health information for ear infections, inner ear pain, or other hearing issue, you will find two types of help here - Pain relief and healing remedies for ear pain and spiritual implications of ear pain.

This healthcare article is mostly from a spiritual perspective but I've also included a resource for those seeking more traditional information on inner ear infections and hearing problems. You'll find that information further down on this page.

What do hearing problems signify, spiritually speaking?

Spiritual messages associated with hearing problems or infections in the ear - Hearing problems, from a spiritual perspective, are often about something we do not want to hear, something we are hearing incorrectly or something we need to listen to more closely. Complete healing should include attention to the message, along with whatever medicines or remedies are employed. Healing the issue is healing for the body whereas healing the body without attention to the spiritual message is a temporary fix.

Question on health care and spiritual development: I have a friend who has a problem with hearing because of the swelling of the inner part of his ear.

I know this is a spiritual imbalance manifesting physically but I'm not sure how to bring this up to him. Is there anything I can do to help?

Healing facilitation response: Always address the physical: Anything out of balance spiritually, long enough to manifest on a physical level, must be also addressed on a physical level. Obviously, there can also be physical problems that a medical doctor could evaluate, whenever problems with hearing emerge. Some physical problems to rule out and / or treat in his case include injury to the inner ear, infection in the ear or water in the ear. hese possibilities may be ruled out with a medical examination but, from the perspective of the spiritual healer, no matter what the physical manifestation of imbalance in the ear, it was preceded by a non-physical imbalance.

What do hearing problems mean, from a spiritual perspective?

Spiritually speaking, trouble with the ears would signify something he is not hearing properly or not hearing in his life right now. In other words, he is missing a message from God about his life either directly coming from dreams or prayer, or thru the mouth of a friend or relative. One helpful question to ask him, if he's open to spiritual healing, is to ask him to listen more closely to all that is said to him and be sure that he is really hearing what is said correctly.

Spiritual imbalance may manifest physically in the ears if someone who is close to him talks negatively to him or about him. He may not realize how much it is effecting his belief in himself. Or, he may be putting his own interpretation on things that people are saying and not really understanding what people want to communicate. There are lots of different things it could be but the root of the problem is in hearing clearly and correctly.

Energy work such as Reiki may temporarily relieve the problem but until his way of hearing is corrected, the body will find a way to manifest imbalance again, until he sees what is out of balance within him.

This is one way God sometimes works with us, thru our body and the way our body works with us for God.

Looking for Medical Information?
I realize that the concept of utilizing energetic healing to address physical conditions is not something everyone can embrace.If you came here looking for more traditional, western medicine approaches to healing inner ear infections or other ear conditions, I'd like to recommend a good hearing issues website for your further research.

Middle Ear Infections are the most common form of ear infection and, except for the common cold, this type of infection is the most diagnosed in children of all health conditions! Children are more prone to middle ear infections because their immune systems don't completely develop until around age 7, and because of their child-sized eustachian tubes and adenoids. The adenoids are actually larger than those of an adult and can interfere with the opening of the eustachian tubes while the tubes themselves are shorter which allows the types of bacteria and viruses that can cause ear infections to enter more readily.

For ear health: Ear-OK: This natural formula relieves ear pain and itching inside the ears and also helps to soften earwax and plugs that can form and cause discomfort. In addition, Ear-OK helps to prevent the recurrence of chronic ear problems.

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Health Care Disclaimer: The information contained in any health care / spiritual healing article about hearing issues is not intended to take the place of personal medical advice from a hearing specialist, should such help be warranted. If you are feeling that you have hearing loss, you can be tested to determine exactly how well you can hear and a qualified specialist can suggest treatment options. Please consult with your opthamalogist if having hearing problems and also with your medical doctor to rule out any infection in the ears.