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Who do you trust for healing information?


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I just googled the keyword "healing". I found 271,000,000 search results. When I googled healing information, the search returned 225,000,000. This means, If you are seeking specific information on healing or healing information, you then must choose between over 200,000,000 resources.

Should you google the word health, you will see a mind-boggling 3,410,000,000 sites pop up, give or take a few thousand. It would take more time than I ever want to spend online to wade thru that many health sites. It can be overwhelming to even know where to start. How do you know who to trust?

So how do you find health and healing information you feel you can trust?
I understand the importance of getting reliable information and I also understand, maybe more than many, how hard it is to determine what is really reliable. Because I research healing information online almost every day of my life, and because I am doing that to assist others who are counting on me to supply information that will be both reliable and useful to them, trustworthy information is a matter of serious concern to me as well. That's why I typically research many resources for a single article on the wellness library. I want a broad view and a general consensus on a subject.

I believe that EVERYTHING you read on the internet should be personally researched, including the information on Ask a Healer. Each person's situation is individual and a very individualized approach to healing is needed.

There are so many differences in physiology, allergies, metabolism, family history and genetics, lifestyle, dietary choices, fitness choices, etc. that it is an impossibility to ever completely cover any health topic comprehensively for any individual. In the end, you are the one with your body 24/7 and the only one that knows what's best for you. Take the health information you find and run it through your own personal health advisors.

Health Disclaimer: If you read nothing else on this page, read this. NONE of the information in the wellness library database is meant to replace any medical testing, evaluation or treatment your health care team deems advisable. Those who practice self-treatment with natural remedies do so with the understanding that they are taking full responsibility for their decisions. It is easier for many to let a doctor make those calls. DO NOT compromise your health by self-treatment unless you are aware that almost anything on this planet can cause an allergic reaction and that no treatment works on every person alike. Be wise with your health.