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Good Health Supplements Ultra - Healing and Supportive Nutrition for a Healthy Cardiovascular System

Featured Cardiovascular Article:
Atrial Fibrillation Causes

Note from Neva: I've shared GHS products here at the wellness library for ... maybe a decade now. They remained among the most popular with my readers until the company closed in 2016. I am hopeful that someone else will bring this formula back out in the future because the GHS Plus cardiovascular nutrition formula was such a consistently popular product. I figure there's a reason for that. When Good Health Supplements came out with an upgrade, I knew it could only be due to them truly feeling they had found a way to improve the formula. I've corresponded with these folks over the years, many times, and just feel this is one company that is invested in putting out products that they truly believe will help people.

Having said that, you should always check with your doctor before adding nutritional supplements, herbal remedies or anything new to your established health regimen. Some nutritional supplements will do the same thing as some drugs, albeit sometimes a bit slower, so it's vital to check with doctor for interactions.

Here are some reasons why the new GHS Ultra is the best and most effective heart product ever offered:
Your heart and all your cells need CoQ10. It is vital for a healthy heart and healthy cells. The best CoQ10 is the CoQ10 your body makes itself --- not supplements!

GHS Ultra gives your body all of the nutrients, it needs to make all the CoQ10 it needs. (Exception. If you are taking Statin drugs, you will need to add a supplement.)

Unlike bi-pass surgery, which cannot reach blockages behind your heart or spinal column, the GHS Ultra can reach arteries anywhere in your body.

Most people are not aware that the body can make its own collateral arteries around blockages that open the artery to full blood flow. All the body needs is the right nutrients to do so.

The GHS-Ultra, with its combination of heart healthy nutrients, promotes the forming of these collateral arteries. GHS Ultra has 16 1/2% more nutrients, a new elongated shape, and a new slick vegetable coating that makes it easier to swallow, more like a capsule.

Important, please read: Conditions such as those Ira faced are serious. Congestive Heart Failure is life threatening and heart disease of any kind is not to be taken lightly. The information presented here is not intended to replace any needed treatment or medications. Hopefully, you have chosen a cardiovascular specialist who is open to nutritional and adjunctive therapies who is open to integrating natural supplementation in your heart care regimen. Please check with your doctor before adding anything new. Ira's opinion about statin drugs is echoed by many in the natural health fields but there are also many who feel the benefits of taking statins outweighs the potential risk. You should always check with your doctor about discontinuing or changing any current medications.