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As I read more and more on this subject, I become even more strongly convinced that herpes simplex virus is a virus that may be a contributing factor in such a wide range of conditions that the call for scientific testing is urgent. Because the range of conditions is so very wide, where hsv can be an underlying factor, there is a need for a concerted effort by some scientific body to undertake the study to determine the overall impact of this virus, as opposed to only studying one level of impact. Among the conditions which can have hsv virus as a contributing factor are heart disease and brain encephalitis (untreated, this condition can be fatal)

Course of treatment for herpes encephalitis: The standard medical approach is intravenous acyclovir, started as soon as possible. The risk with acyclovir at these doses is renal failure so those with compromised kidney function should fully discuss the risks. Hydration appears to be the biggest thing to watch. Intravenous acyclovir for an dehydrated person could lead to kidney damage or failure.

Herpes Infection may play a role in the following:
Herpes Meningitis
Certain types of thraot and mouth cancers
Stomach ulcers
Esophagus ulcers
Eczema Herpeticum (untreated, this condition can be fatal)
Vision Loss
Spinal column inflammation (myelitis)
Multiple Schlerosis
Alzheimers (in people who also have gene ApoE4)
Iridocyclitis (major cause of corneal blindness in US)
Stromal Keratitis (can result in scarring, corneal thinning, or rupture of the eye)
Hepatitis C (particular as an std)
Colon Inflammation

In those with compromised immune systems, the herpes virus may cause complications including, but not limited to ertain blood and kidney diseases, adrenal gland damage, liver damage and systemic infection, where the virus spreads through the entire body. Pneumonia is another potential complication and there is also may also be greater risk of brain herpes or esphagus inflammation with those who have compromised immune function.

Source: New York Times Article from the American Accreditation HealthCare Commission

Health Disclaimer: The articles on herpes and treatment options for HSV on this website are all educational in nature and intended to replace any needed medical testing, evaluation or treatment. Hopefully, you will choose a doctor who is open to the idea of further supporting the body with natural antivirals and not just suppressing symptoms with Valtrex.