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Hot Springs Spas - Reviews of Hot Springs in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico


This is part of a series of articles about my experience in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. In part one, I talked about the spa I stayed in while there, which was the Charles Spa. To read about that, go to Soaking away aches and pains in T or C. This page covers a few of the other spas I visited while there and are only my impressions during brief visits or tours.

The Fire Water Lodge has rooms with private hot springs tubs, and the owner seemed very nice when he gave me a tour. ps. The Morning Glory Room at Fire Water Lodge has a memory foam mattress. I prefer them so that's something I made a note of and wanted to share. Ask about differences between the furnishings in rooms because some have kitchens, some do not. Some have private tubs, others do not.

Another thing to ask about is whether baths are included, if you choose a place without private tubs. Sometimes, there's an extra charge and that can add up if you are there for a week.

If you are into pampering, fluff and buff sort of spas, the Sierra Grande is probably the nicest in town. Also one of the most expensive. It didn't appeal to me, attractive decor notwithstanding.

I really liked the La Palomas hot springs spa because it was the most private and the rooms were also just fun. The baths were different too, with pebble bottoms. They are public though, not private though you can use them privately. The hot springs there are one of the few in town that are not pumped but naturally flowing. The staff told me the tubs refill completely every 20 minutes. If I went back to T or C, I'd probably either stay there or Fire Water Lodge.

hot springs spa
The most gorgeous private bath experience I found was at the Riverbend Hot Springs, because the baths open out directly in front of the Rio Grande. Gorgeous. This spa offers camping work exchanges where you can bring your rv and park it across the street, and work in exchange for use of the facilities.

The only spa I just would not go to is Indian Springs, which is right across from Palomas. I was treated so rudely by the man running it that I walked away without even looking at the baths. I went into the Artesia, which is the oldest hot springs spa there, but after waiting around for about five minutes and not getting any service, I left. A friend of mine says she likes that one best but from what I could see inside the tub enclosures, it had kind of a hospital vibe to me. Didn't appeal.