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Les Miserables Star Hugh Jackman Starring in .... my dream!


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I don't know when or how I learned that one could take a dream and recognize something of spiritual significance. I remember a recurring dream of childhood that I instinctively knew was unusual but I didn't know enough then to ask for meaning regarding my life. At some point, I did get the information I needed to start Medicine Dreaming, which involves asking for spiritual guidance from dreams and paying attention to my personal dreamscape language long enough to understand the nature of the guidance that may come via dreamtime.

I don't really subscribe to one-message-fits-all mentality when it comes to dream interpretation. I paint meaning with broader strokes and encourage anyone seeking to understand what dreams mean on a spiritual level to pay attention to hues and variations in their own dreamscape.

When I dream of a celebrity, the first thing I ask is whether they are appearing as themselves or as some role they played in the past. This is a significant question for me to start with because a specific role may have specific correlation with the present situation and this was certainly the case with my Hugh Jackman dream. In the dream Hugh is dressed as in prison garb, as Valjean in Les Miserables and not just Hugh Jackman appearing as himself in my dreams, although when we connect in the dream, it is Hugh Jackman who I telepathically send the dream message.

I don't remember the entire dream but what I do remember is vivid. It's the kind of dream that used to prompt people to call me saying "What the hell does this mean?". I used to assure folks that just because a dream is unpleasant, that doesn't mean it portends an unpleasant future outcome. Vivid dreams that you can't forget, even after the veil of forgetfulness has come over you on waking, are vivid so that you WILL remember.

In the dream snippet, I have been captured and drugged by some ominous people. I never see faces or get any hint of personality so I feel the shadowy forms are archetypal in this instance and represent oppression. If I had seen distinct faces with distinct personality details, I may have come to a different conclusion.

The theme of oppression was easy to see in my current mood and feeling while waking. I felt that I truly needed so little to be happy and even that little seemed beyond my grasp, in a monetary sense. The money just never seemed to be there, for the freedom I sought.

I've been injected with some drug. The next thing I see is Hugh Jackman. He is dressed as Valjean but it's clearly him in the character garb. In other words, the actor is looking at me, not Valjean. He has been put in a cage just the size of his body. He has one hand outside the cage bars and that hand is injected, I presume with the same drug used on me.

I don't know how I see this because in the next moment, I see myself being thrown out of a vortex of what looks like dying flesh. It is disqusting. I am tossed up on the skin-like surface around the vortex hole, and I am lying there. I look over at Hugh Jackman. Here's where it gets really interesting to me because, usually, if a celebrity appears, it will either be them as a character they've played or it will be the actor as themselves. In this dream, it was both. The clues from each aspect help me understand the dream message. If I think of Hugh as Valjean, it's a life of suffering, pain and terrible struggle. If I think of Hugh as himself, as he is now, I see a man with success on every level. The contrast is striking.

So there I am, vomited from the bowels of a fleshly hell, and there is Hugh Jackman, dressed as Valjean, in the cage with a look of confused terror. It is as if he was in rehearsal for a stage production and suddenly found himself in this different reality that was terrible. The actor looks at me as if to ask "What is happening?". I say to him, telepathically, "There is no gold. There is only fire."

That's the end of the dream snippet. You better believe I remembered it. There's nothing like being puked out of the belly of some necrotic flesh vortex to make you sit up and take notice. On the surface, this certainly doesn't sound like what someone would call a good dream. Yet, once I calmed down enough to look at it through the lens of my situation, I do believe it was indeed a good dream.

I thought of the dying flesh that had thrown me out of it's vortex and, of course, I saw a connection between that and this mortal flesh we all inhabit for such a brief, brief moment in time. We are all dying flesh. I also thought of the biblical reference to Romans 8:5 about how living according to the flesh instead of the Spirit brings discord at a soul level.

The fact that I was thrown out of that vortex of energy and was not sucked back in after delivering my message to Hugh Jackman (me), I take as a positive sign of soul evolution. At least I have successfully created a reprieve from the concerns of the flesh, i.e. money. It's incredibly easy to see that I have been focused on fears of not having enough money to survive, while my heart's desire (one might say the fire of my own heart) was urging a return to the spiritual connection I once enjoyed before my world fell apart in 2001.

I have felt that lack of money was the reason I couldn't realize my dream of a simple life of freedom and connection but I also understand that money is an illusion. The contradiction was breaking me, on just about every level. This dream was the culmination of that stress.

"Is there another way to go?" copyright, Les Mis

The message itself was haunting. There is no gold; there is only fire. Did that mean I might as well give up? That I'd never realize financial freedom? Was I doomed to poverty and sorrows, as most the people I cared the most about in Les Mis were doomed? Or did it mean something different.

After sitting with the dream for a while, I see the message. I was being clearly shown that even if I reached a level of success such as that Hugh Jackman had attained, It would still be like living in a cage in a never-ending production of Les Mis if the success came to me while I was unhealed and out of balance. The drug injected could be actual or it could be symbolic. I could end up addicted to a substance or I could become addicted to the search for money. I realized I had already become addicted to trying to figure out why I seemed always to have no money or just enough money to get by.

The second part of the message was the most potent. There is only fire. I could have easily interpreted that to mean that I was just destined, by personality quirks or by fate, to have all that I loved stripped from me again and again. The fire that burned through my life in 2001 would repeat. Well, might be a wise choice. Then, I saw it. Fire. Passion. Ah.

My constant concerns about money had disconnected me from my passion. The message for me is clear. Somehow, some way, I must reconnect to my passions and let those guide me, regardless of how little money I might have at any moment. The money cannot be the focus or this dream may become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

"Valjean is nothing now; another story must begin." copyright, Les Mis #hughjackman #spiritual #dreams #dreaminterpretation #dreamdiary