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Causes of Hypersensitive States
Conditions causing Hypersensitivity

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Hypersensitive States and Spiritual Acceleration


Please note: This is part two of a spiritual wellness article covering symptoms of spiritual awakening. While also offering helpful, practical information for those who may be dealing with hypersensitivity, it is not meant to be construed as replacement for any medical treatment for anyone suffering states of emotional imbalance which interfere with quality of life or daily functioning. Hypersensitivity, in addition to signaling a period of rapid spiritual acceleration, can also manifest with medical diagnosis of ADD, ADHD, manic-depressive disorder and other medical conditions.

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Hypersensitivity may also be part of the symptomology of mental health disorders such as OCD, anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Additionally, those who experience panic attacks may experience hypersensitive states as part of that imbalance. If you are experiencing hypersensitivity to the extent that is a health threat, see the appropriate mental health professional.

Part of the overall view of the metaphysically minded person is that our body is our vehicle, it is not who we are. As Wayne Dyer put it, we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. The physical body manifests symptoms of imbalance that begin on spiritual realms. Addressing the spiritual aspects of healing is something a metaphysically minded wellness counselor always includes in any counsel on restoring balance. However, this doesn't mean ignoring the body. If an imbalance has reached the physical, then physical treatments may be helpful. Be wise with your health.

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How to Cope with Spiritually-Based Hypersensitivity:

When the body is stressed, from either physical, mental or emotional challenge, very often the breathing becomes shallow. This is part of the fight or flight syndrome. To integrate and balance hypersensitive sensations faster and with more completeness, practice conscious breathing which, for me, just means focusing my attention my breath for the express purpose of encouraging my nervous system and body systems to relax. Breathe deeply, slowly and rhythmically while focusing intent on coming back to the present moment entirely and relaxing into the now.

Temporary retreat from stressful situations such as job or family conflicts may also be extremely helpful. Even in situations where you feel you can't retreat, it is almost always possible to go to the bathroom, or just be silent and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Ask for what you need if others are involved. Take whatever break you can from the energies and do something to renew yourself. If needed, retreat from whatever is over-stimulating you until you can integrate what is being felt.

Use spiritual healing tools such as:
prayer - There are as many ways to pray as there are prayers. I love the H'oponopono prayer (more on that a little later) and also have found comfort reciting scripture, singing and toning instead of speaking, dancing out a prayer and the more traditional way of speaking words that directly address the need or the concern.

aromatherapy blends of essential oils - Calming and relaxing essential oils include chamomile and lavendar. Ironically, I don't like either one so I use others, such as frankinscense, bergamot, lemon balm or pachouli. I also love to add a few drops of basil and marjoram to some massage oil and massage it on my neck and shoulders. Very relaxing meditation - Don't be afraid to explore different ways to meditate. I especially like walking meditations, combining mindfulness with letting go. Some meditate in beautiful nature settings while others may find a quiet candle-lit room to be more conducive to releasing the mind chatter.

flower essences - For many, flower essences are more subtle in their action than essential oils so it's helpful to do some deep breathing or something else to relax you, like a hot bath, prior to using the flower essences. A dab of flower essence over the third eye can restore balance and calm when mental overthinking is an issue.

mindfulness - A mindful moment can bring much soothing energy into the body. Remembering to focus on the breathe, look at something beautiful, even look at the back of your own hand as if you've never seen it before. These moments of actually paying attention to what you are seeing can help soothe hypersensitive jitters.

Muscle-test or have a kinestheologist muscle-test you if you are like me and have trouble testing yourself. If your system responds better to crystals than flower essences or oils, find someone knowledgeable in the use of specific crystals and ask for one to help with your symptoms.

The Balancing Power of Water:
Regardless of the spiritual awakening symptoms you might be experiencing, water is one of your strongest allies. Use water for balance and healing during times of hyper-sensitivity. In fact, water should be the first thing you reach for because of the inner alignment it can provide if sipped with consciousness.

Applying a drop of water to your third eye area can help balance incoming energies. This simple practice is even more powerful when you apply energized water. Energizing water is easy. Just pray with it or put a word on the bottle with the intent to infuse the frequency of the word, such as peace, calmness, or healing, into the water. Or you can use energized water that has been potentialized by others for spiritual purpose.

Hot showers are also wonderful for cleansing the aura and restoring energetic balance. When I take showers for this purpose, I visualize the water washing away negative feelings, thoughts and impressions from others and see those unbalanced sensations going down the drain.

Address Anxiety, the result of fear of the unknown:

One hidden cause of hypersensitivity is anxiety. If we consciously or unconsciously resist vibrational shifts, or we go into fear about them, we become anxious and causes what could have just been a very intense integration to become a hypersensitive nightmare. Check in to see if anxiety may be a factor and, if it is, consider a natural anxiety remedy to help calm the senses until you can walk in a more grounded way with whatever new information is coming into your field. Being hyper-sensitive very often has a component of anxiety to it, especially if we find ourselves going into fear about what is happening or about the unknown.

How intense can hypersensitivity get?
Well, sometimes I hear people talking two rooms away from me, and it feels like they are yelling in my ear. Sometimes, I can hear a Spider walking on the wall. There have been heart connections so strongly with someone in pain that I have lost all sense of my own body and felt only theirs.

When hypersensitivity response is primarily anger, there are anger management techniques that can help. I practice a prayer known as H'oponopono. It is easy to learn and I find it very helpful in releasing angry feelings and thoughts and also in helping myself find forgiveness for myself when I've been out of alignment with another. You can learn the H'oponopono prayer here.

So I'm not losing my mind then?
I get that question a lot from folks who are on an active spiritual path. I can't say for sure whether you are losing your mind or not (sometimes, I've pondered my own sanity) but I can say with certainty that all these symptoms can be part of a very sane but very intense spiritual acceleration and awakening process. In time, you will learn to function in this new awareness although the more you accelerate, the more intense these "hyper-sensitive" periods may temporarily become.

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Spiritual Health Disclaimer: Hypersensitivity can signal medical conditions that may require further evaluation and treatment. This information not intended to replace any needed medical care or mental health care.