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Are You Hyper-Sensitive?
Spiritual Acceleration Article

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Symptoms of Spiritual Acceleration

Hyper-sensitivity as a symptom of spiritual acceleration and spiritual development


Please note:This is a spiritual wellness article covering symptoms of spiritual awakening.

While offering potentially helpful, practical information for those who may be dealing with symptoms of hypersensitivity, this information is focused on hypersensitivity as a symptom of spiritual acceleration. This article is not meant to be construed as replacement for any medical treatment a person might need for mental health issues such as ADD or mood disorders such as panic attacks, OCD or anxiety.

Hypersensitivity may be a symptom of ADD and ADHD and may also be associated with certain mood disorders such as schizophrenia, OCD, anxiety disorders, bipolar disorder and as part of the cycle whenever someone experiences panic attacks. If you are experiencing hypersensitivity to the extent that is a health threat, see the appropriate mental health professional. Drug-free ADD treatment plan

Recognizing Spiritual Hypersensitivity:

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your environment?
Do sounds seem too loud?
Are you feeling the feelings of others around you?

If so, you are certainly not alone. Many in the spiritual community have been dealing with these feelings of energetic overwhelm for years and years but, as we approach greater and greater levels of interconnectedness on a planetary level, the symptoms of spiritual awakening are getting worse for many. There may be spiritual components to the way you are feeling if you experience the following symptoms apart from any medical condition:

Symptoms of Spiritual Acceleration
1. Hypersensitivity to sounds
2. Increased third eye pressure
3. Unexplained tingling sensations
4. Pronounced over-sensitivity to the energy of others

....these can all be symptoms of spiritual acceleration that is occurring faster than your third-dimensional form can easily assimilate, or that is attempting to occur while you still have resistance or cellular memory that is blocking integration.

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More symptoms of spiritual awakening

Over-sensitivity to noise and other people's energies is very common reaction to accelerated energies. Due to increased connectedness, you may go through intense periods of acute sensitivity as you reach new levels of spiritual development on your path of awakening. Just as being on the Internet suddenly and instantly opens you to trillions of avenues of information, so does spiritual acceleration. It can feel, at times, as if you are a radio receiver and are simultaneously picking up a thousand channels at once.

As your spiritual vibration shifts, your intuitive senses and empathic channels open, causing you to be more and more aware of the feelings and thoughts of those around you. If the body system gets overwhelmed by increased sensitivities, a common physical reaction can be intense and sudden dizziness in the third eye area and hypersensitivity to noises, light, odors and energies around you. Empathic abilities increase as well. These symptoms of spiritual awakening are very, very common at certain levels of the process of developing consciousness at a higher level.

How to deal with spiritually based hypersensitivity

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The information on symptoms of hypersensitivity that are often associated with the process of spiritual acceleration is for spiritual guidance ONLY and is not suggested as replacement for any needed mental health or physical health evaluation. Hypersensitivity can signal medical conditions including ADHD, autism, neurological disorders and other health conditions, so please consult with your chosen healthcare professional matters relating to your health and well-being. If you are experiencing the symptoms of spiritual awakening that are described here, and you know them to be of a non-physical origin, then seek whatever balancing help you need from a qualified healing facilitator.