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Hypnosis for Weight Loss Success
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Ask A Healer Weight Loss Series

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Hypnosis for Weight Loss Success - How to keep the weight off with the power of hypnotic suggestion

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What is healthy weight loss?

Introducing The Hypnosis for Weight Loss CD
Program your mind for healthy weight loss - This powerful 4-cd set addresses some of the common obstacles to weight loss success and gives you the tools you need to overcome them.

Dr. Oz on Hypnosis for Weight Loss:
You may also enjoy watching a free 4-part video series from Dr. Oz. I think it is a bit surprising for a medical doctor to openly endorse an alternative form of treatment, even though I suspect Dr. Oz may be compensated by those people he chooses to endorse. Even if that's true, it's still his reputation on the line when he steps outside conventional medical wisdom on anything. From everything I heard in the first video of this series, Dr. Oz believe in hypnosis. He actually says he believes hypnosis may have a profound effect on weight loss and features information from Paul McKenna, who talks about craving being a learned behavior. His approach to using hypnosis to stop smoking without gaining weight boasts a 97% success rate.

Part One - Reprograms your mind to love exercise. This was always a personal obstacle for me, at times when I've let my own weight get out of control. I just didn't want to exercise and have never liked it. Apparently, I'm not alone in that. Hypnotic suggestions may help shift your mindset around physical exercise and create more motivation to do it.

Part Two - Trains your mind to see yourself thin. I've used hypnosis more than once in my own life, to shift my perception of myself. Without knowing it, most of us define ourselves in light of what we are told by others, in particular our role models and teachers. Sometimes, those closest to us may unknowingly plant their own insecurities in us and give us faulty information about who we are. Hypnotic suggestions may help replace that faulty information with a more positive self-image.

Part Three - Programs your body for faster metabolism. It may seem strange to think that hypnotic suggestion can actually affect your metabolism but the truth is that your body believes every word you say. People have affected their blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and emotional state simply by what they are thinking at the time. Is it too far a stretch to believe we could also affect how our body performs?

Part Four - Retrains your mind to be positive. This goes along with reprogramming our self-image to a more positive place. Hypnotic suggestions help our mind to entertain a different, more positive way of looking at things.

Ready to Shift? Get the
Weight Loss Management
Hypnosis Program Now!

Achieve weight loss success with the help of hypnotic suggestions that reinforce your decision to lose weight and become a more vibrantly healthy person.

Weight loss disclaimer: If you are under a doctor's care for any known medical condition, you should check with your doctor before beginning a weight loss program. Hypnosis for weight loss is presented as an assist and not all that is needed for healthy weight loss success. Fitness, Detoxing, Eating Right, etc. are all important to your overall sucess.