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Fear and the Actor
When Phobias Arise in Scenes

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Hypnosis for Fears and Phobias for Actors


Your agent calls. You have an audition!!!! You get the sides.
Uh oh.
This role is for a pilot, in a plane that goes down in the ocean. You have a fear of flying and of drowning. What do you do? Or maybe the scene is with snakes and you are deathly afraid of snakes. For me, it would be heights. If I got an audition for a role that required me to fall from some height, I'd be terrified to do it.

The truth is that many scenes actors are asked to do involve actions that would frighten most people. That's certainly the nature of adventure and action films. What does an actor do when faced with an oppportunity that is wonderful but which requires them to do something they find extremely fearful?

How hypnosis may help with phobias and performance anxiety: Our fears and phobias are programmed into us by experience. Once we have an experience, even a dream, that creates anxiety around something, it can be very difficult to release. Personally, I used to have dreams of snakes. I'd be in a pit and suddenly become aware that all these big snakes were in there with me. I reprogrammed my feelings about snakes once I realized that they were totems, or power animals, for me during a very hard time in my life. However, not everyone wants to embrace their totems, ha.

In any case, though I solved my fear of snakes through spiritual avenues, I have also used hypnosis successfully, more than once in my life, to help with fears. In particular, I used hypnosis (and subliminals) to help with stagefright and to release self-esteem programming that was hindering my auditions and acting work.

If you'd like to explore using hypnosis for releasing fears associated with your acting work, You might enjoy the products at Instant Hypnosis. These are instant downloads so you can use them immediately upon purchase. The list of hypnosis programs is extensive and includes fear of flying. I'm not comfortable in small planes and if I ever had a scene in one, this might come in handy. They also havea hypnosis program for one of my personal fears - a hypnosis program for getting rid of the fear of heights. Wow, also saw a program for claustrophobia when I was looking at the list just now ... yep, if I'm ever cast in a scene where I'm in the trunk of a car or buried alive, I could find that one very helpful!