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What is Impeccable Behavior?
What is Spiritual Enlightenment?

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Living Impeccably for Healer: - Moving Toward a Increasingly More Enlightened State


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This article is part of a free healing class I offer here at the Wellness Library. In this part of the class, I'm sharing some information about living impeccably and how that goal has looked to me as a healing facilitator.

What is Impeccable Behavior?

Behaving impeccably, in my own experience of it and reality around it, does not mean perfect behavior and really, who decides how perfect behavior outpictures anyway?

In my experience, an impeccable being walks humbly, human, fallable as the next person ... and with one noticable difference:

When I am impeccable, I am transparent. I acknowledge my own resistance, imbalance or lack of clarity (am aware of it quickly and fully in a non-resistant, loving way) at the same time that I continually move toward surrender, balance and clear-sensing.

Further, the impeccable beings I've had the pleasure to meet always note that God is the healer, or Universal Life Energy, in partnership with the one seeking healing; they acknowledge that they are really doing nothing; it is always and ever the energetic relationship between client and God that results in healing within the personal space of the facilitator.

What is Enlightenment?

The answer to that question may vary. I can only speak to my own journey. For me, enlightenment does not necessarily mean that I reach that space where I am at peace and in balance no matter what. The ego may roil and tumble, much as the ocean is never completely still.

I remember the Dalai Lama saying that this may be true, that the storms may continue on the surface but that six miles down, all is still. Yes, for me, it is rather like that. When I remember the stillness deep at more core, I can be with the storms raging on the surface of me in a more loving way.

As long as I have a body and as long as I am empathic, I suspect I may flux somewhat.

Enlightenment, for me, is owning my experience. Whether I am raging like a lunatic or calm as a Saint, the core of me knows. The core of me lives and breathes from a non-polarized stability.

One suggestion I'd offer, to help become more aware of spiritual direction and energy in your life, is through the dreamtime.

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Healing Disclaimer: Energetic and Vibrational healing is not represented as any type of replacement for medical evaluation, treatment or testing.