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The Spiritual Discipline
of Letting Go in Flow

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Ask A Healer Spiritual Wellness Series

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How to Respond to Present Moment Flow


This is part of a spiritual wellness series on the moment to moment flow of life and how we can better learn to go with the natural energy of the moment rather than getting into our minds about what should or should not be happening.

If you find yourself in the past or future more than you are in the prsent moment, perhaps this exploration may be helpful. In it, we address ways we can learn to recognize opportunities to be in graceful flow and positive rapport with our world and those other beings in it and learn to go with the flow of life more and release our need to control or to know.

Please read The Power of One Moment in the Flow for more information about the spiritual experience that preceded the creation of this series.

Learning to allow openess and establish intent for more flow in our lives - How to cultivate living in the flow
How to Tip # 1: Allowing Openess

How to Tip # 2: Trusting Imagery

How to Tip # 3: Establish Intent

How to Tip # 4: Get over your fear

How to Tip # 5: What goes around, comes around.....

The Art of Spiritual Discipline: Whenever I thought about spiritual discipine in the past, it always felt like it would require strict, stubborn adherence to some sort of dry rules. In exploring the idea of living a spiritually disciplined life, the biggest surprise was probably realizing that my biggest area of discipline would be not stopping the flow of good that God had for me by trying to control, understand or direct that flow.