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Infinite Love and Gratitude with Hand Mudra
An Important Element of the LifeLine Technique

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Why infinite love and light plus a hand mudra are significant in the LifeLine Technique
Special guest article by Lifeline Technique Practictioner Abigail Thurston

This article is part of a larger piece, listing frequently asked questions about an alternative healing modality called LLT, or LifeLine Technique. You may wish to start with the the introduction to LLT. Thanks to LifeLine Technique practitioner Abigail Thurston for providing this healing information. Now, continuing with frequently asked questions about the LifeLine Technique ....

What is the significance of Infinite Love and Gratitude?

Question: During my session with you, Abigail, there was a certain phrase you said over and over. Could you explain the significance of the often-repeated words "Infinite Love and Gratitude"?

Abigail's Response: The words "Infinite Love and Gratitude" are a very high frequency accompanied by the hand mudra of "I love you."

Note from Neva: If you are unfamiliar with hand mudras, they are symbolic gestures used in Buddhism, yoga and other practices. Hand mudras are said to assist with healing, on physical as well as emotional and mental levels. When coupled with intent, the hand mudra may amplify and increase the potency of prayers or other healing work. You can see an example of the hand mudra for "I love you" on Dr. Weissman's website - link to that on the LifeLine Technique Training Page.

The power of the words Love and Gratitude can be seen in Masaro Emotos’ book, Messages From Water. These words created the most beautiful ice crystal he photographed.

Our bodies are made up of 75-90% water. As is proven by Emoto and in the basic principles of homeopathy, water is programmable. When the words, "Infinite Love and Gratitude," are used in a healing session, the water of your body is receiving an INFINITE quantity of LOVE and GRATITUDE.

For many, there is a God allergy, experiences around God have wounded them. To pray or heal in the name of a God would be received by some and rejected by others. However, Infinite Love and Gratitude is welcomed by all. We all desire love and gratitude. Imagine an infinite source of this!

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Health Disclaimer: Infinite Love and Gratitude, as a healing phrase, is not represented as replacement for any needed medical attention. It is a way of connecting to the Divine within all life and, for most, has a calming, expansive effect on the psyche. As always, if you feel you have health issues requiring medical evaluation and testing, be wise with your health.