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Connecting with the Inner Child
Creating Sacred Space for Communication

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Ask A Healer Inner Child Healing Series

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Connecting with your Inner Child - A Message from to your inner child


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Maybe you came to this page seeking help with childhood memories, traumas or programming. You've heard about healing that addresses our past and maybe you somehow feel that inner child healing might help you shift into a healthier relationship with your life. The following exercise has proven quite powerful for some, and may give you more insight as to whether it's time in your life for getting back in touch with your original essence.

Before reading the dialogue below, find yourself in a meditative space and focus your intent. Ask if you are willing to promise that Divinity Within that you will listen and respect what that aspect of yourself wants to express. If you find that you are willing then declare your heart and body as a safe, sacred space for the communication to begin.

Message to the Inner Child: Let the child within you hear the following words as if the adult you are now, is speaking to the child you were then: I speak directly to the Child within. I want you to know I am honoring a safe place for you in my heart, in my mind and in my body. In this place, you will not be violated. In this place, you will not be judged. In this place, you will be loved, honored, respected and supported. In this place, you will be listened to, accepted, and allowed complete freedom to express whatever you need to express.

Here, in this safe place, you can feel whatever you need to feel. Here, you'll be comforted and understood. You have carried some burdens for a long time. You were able to do that because you are smart and very strong. You had to do that because you had no choice. I want you to know that you have different choices now.

Now, if you choose, you can begin to let go of some of those burdens, that pain, and those secret feelings. Anything you want to release can be released, and I will help you or get help for you with a healing facilitator or counselor. Anything you still need to hold on to, to make you feel safe, you can hold on to. I will honor your boundaries. I understand you tried to speak out some things before, and were not allowed to be yourself or tell your truth.

I understand that it may take a little time before you trust me, and that is good because it means you have learned to protect yourself. I will give you the time you need to trust me, and to trust the adult you have become. You may remember a little or a lot, or you can just let the memories release through emotion or breath. You have different choices now. You are in control.

Remember who you are.

If you had any strong reaction to the words just read, such as numbness, sadness, excitement, or anger, inner child healing may be a viable and powerful tool for your reclaiming of the inner child aspects of yourself. When seeking out a therapist, counselor or healer to help you with this work, the single-most important fact is feeling safe. Check in with yourself as you meet with potential helpers, and make sure you feel safe with them. This doesn't meant you may be free of fear but if you check with your body, the fear of facing something you've suppressed feels very different than the fear you feel when you are in an unsafe place.

Emotional Health Disclaimer: Miraculous healing is possible indeed, I have witnessed it. However, co-creative healing (reflexology, herbal medicines, energy balancing, laying on of hands, Original Essence Recovery) is not represented as a substitute for traditional medicine but, instead, as a viable supplement to whatever you are currently doing to treat the condition. The important thing is that you heal utilizing the combination of traditional/alternative medicine that works for you.