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How much of what you feel is yours? Inner circle empathy


One Man's Healing Vision:
The Healing Sound Chambers

It's stuff that makes your hair hurt, this talk of Oneness. We are all related. We are all One ... even that one, the one you want to distance yourself from and refuse to claim as a genetic relative.

The challenge of recognizing etheric spiritual connection with all around you, while putting one foot in front of the other as a third-dimensional "self" is often a big one.

When I first found myself in true spiritual circles, I began to have an energetic confirmation of connection that was not altogether welcome. I began to feel the energy of others in my circle, sometimes a bit more than I wanted to feel it.

In time, I learned to discern what was mine alone and what was being, in part, triggered by another.

To me, this is training for the much larger task of embracing connection with every being who has ever lived and will ever live, through all time and space. Ouch. Hair hurting again.

Empathic Connections Increasing:

As spiritual circles of support grow ever closer, and we begin to vibrate near the same frequency, empathic connections begin to occur almost continuously. You begin to be ultra-aware, within your own body and emotional field, whenever someone in your circle is struggling. You actually feel their pain within you.

This can be a very confusing thing, if one does not realize the cause.

It might seem as if your body or mind has gone nuts, first one part hurting then another. When you begin to realize that you are truly sharing an experience with someone spiritually close to you, you begin to recognize the magnitude of what we are doing here in this dense third dimension.

Whenever you are aware of feelings that are not recognizable as your own, your task is to channel the energies for the other person, in a way that assists them in getting through the current challenge. In the process, you also help yourself.

Spiritual Circles Healing Facilitation Example:

I'm sitting in my living room, perfectly at ease and at peace. Suddenly, I began to be overcome with emotion and cry. I realize this is not coming from my conscious reaction to my own life at the moment so I know it must be someone in my circle. Seconds later, the phone rings. The voice on the other end is crying. It is one of my spiritual circle, calling in a time of emotional overload, for help and support.

I have already been supporting through my energetic connection with their emotional overload. Additionally, after hearing what the person in my circle is dealing with, I realize that I am also dealing with the potential of the same problem in my future. In other words, it's something I've seen as possibly coming in my own life as well. We have triggered one another into a Sacred Healing Space of combined awareness.

Fully embracing the truth of Oneness means that we stand ready to help our selves, in other bodies. A friend uses the example of Jesus, carrying his cross to Gethsemane. When Jesus could no longer bear the weight, a man was pulled out of the crowd and carried the cross for a time.

We are being asked to carry the cross of others through prayer, grounding and our intent to offer ourselves as a vehicle for release. Movement and sound are particularly good at such times, to help the energies shift and balance.

Cellular Memory is Real:

As a spiritual healing facilitator, I've always recognized that cells and tissue have memory. Real memory. Further, I saw that traumatic or emotional issues that were not dealt with often crystalized in the tissues, making suppression of feelings easier and healing more difficult over time. That is why full emotional release in the present moment is so vital.

If you doubt that you are actually feeling another person, consider an experiment where cell tissue from a man's mouth was removed and placed under scientific monitoring devices.

In another room, apart from the cell tissue that was removed, the man from whom the tissues were removed opened a package of breath mints. At the moment the man began to peel open the package, mouth cell activity in the other room began to increase. The live cellular tissue continued to increase activity, hitting it's peak at the moment the man placed the mint in his mouth.

If our cells can be affected by what we do, even after they are completely removed from our bodies, is it so far-fetched to believe that we can identify with the cellular activity of those closest to us?

Spirited Disclaimer: Far out, man. Or, how bizarre! Regardless of any one reaction to the teaching above, I share it for those who may be experiencing inner circle connection to the point that they are feeling the energetic experiences of those in their spiritual circle. As always, use your own discernment in such cases. Also, it's fairly typical that, whenever a person close to me affects me energetically, it is because their experience and something in my own experience resonates. In other words, some part of me is going through some part of what they are dealing with too.