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How to Interpret Your Dreams - Spiritual Messages from Dreamtime Experiences


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About Dream Levels:
If you found this page, you are probably wondering how to interpret your dreams in a meaningful way. I've worked with dreamtime messages for years and find that my dreams provide valuable information for my life.

In interpreting dreams, I very seldom use dream meaning books or written guides to get at the dreamtime messages within my dreams. I may occasionally look up an archetype meaning or a general meaning of symbolism in a dream but I consider that more of a potential than anything written in stone.

The dreamscape of each individual will vary and associations are best determined on an individual basis although archetypal meanings can be helpful. However, I always consider my dreamtime messages to be personally significant and view them through the lens of whatever is going on in my own life at the time.

If you are interested in dream symbology and what certain symbols might mean when they appear in dreams, I found an ebook on dream recall and interpretation that may be helpful for a different perspective on dreamtime work.

In my own personal experience with dreamtime work, I have discovered very different levels of dreams, all useful in their own way. The levels of dreamtime activity may be different for you. I strongly encourage individual exploration.

I'm not sharing these levels to say that they should be used as a guide for your dreams. Rather, they can be useful as examples of how the dream world can work in many different levels in your life. The point I'm making is that, in my experience, all dreams are not created equally and the spiritual, or "medicine", aspects of a dream may vary.

It is very helpful to notice how your dreamscape language communicates with you. In doing so, patterns will likely emerge that can help you determine the significance of a specific type of dreaming that may go beyond the working out of personality self issues. Here's a few beginning tips:

1. Practice dream journaling, where you write down your dreams or even snippets of dreams you remember, is a good practice for beginning to notice themes and specific ways your dreams teach you.

2. Notice what stands out ... colors, sounds, people, emotions. Notice who is in your dream and what they might represent. Pay particular attention to violent or disturbing dreams as they may sometimes signal strong medicine at work.

3. Ask questions on waking ... what area of my life is this dream addressing? Trust any answer that comes.

4. Ask for another medicine dream on the same topic, especially if the meaning is confusing to you and you want more clarity.

Levels of Dreamtime Message
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