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Is Detoxing the Body Necessary
Does Detoxing Help Weight Loss?

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Do you really ever need to detox or are detox programs a scam? Can detoxing the body help with weight loss?


This is part of a series on detoxing and weight loss. Please read the introduction: Detoxing Do's and Don'ts

Is detoxing the body really necessary? Why detox?
Didn't God make us in a way that the body can eliminate toxicity on it's own? This is a good question. The body does have excellent built-in filtering systems and they work very well. So why aren't our natural systems enough to keep us healthy?

In a perfect world, they would be enough. Our body systems work extraordinarily well for most of us. If they didn't, the human race might already be extinct given the level of pollution we have created in our air, our water and our foods.

Let's compare those systems of the body to a factory worker for a moment. Consider a factory worker who works a regular 8 hour shift, doing nothing but taking out waste from the factory. This worker carries buckets of waste from the factory out to a waste dump somewhere, for 8 hours a day. Pretty tiring job but most healthy workers can handle it. (Why detox, right?) Now, let's consider what would happen if the waste load suddenly tripled? How long would that factory worker survive working a triple shift?

I love Lucy!
A comic example that comes to mind is the episode of I love Lucy where she and Ethyl are wrapping bon bons. If you are too young to have seen it, find it. A classic scene with two comedic masters. At first, Lucy does fine but then as the bon bons come down the assembly line faster and faster, she and Ethyl start stuffing the bon bons in their hats, down the front of their dresses and finally in their mouths. Of course disaster ensues.

On a less comedic note, the same sort of calamity can occur when we keep stuffing pollutants into our system and overwhelm the organs responsible for carrying waste down the assembly line and out of the body.

How might this type of toxic overwhelm affect weight loss?
Well, if your eliminatory organs are already overwhelmed, that doesn't leave much energy for reduce caloric intake and for burning fat. If your body isn't functioning in a healthy way when you begin a weight loss program it will definitely make it harder to lose weight. In addition, if part of your toxic overload includes harmful heavy metals or parasites, you probably lack the energy to begin a good exercise program, which is part of any effective weight loss plan.

So, how might a body triple the toxic waste within it? Oh, let me count the ways .....

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Detox Disclaimer: Detoxing is not suggested as a replacement for medical attention. If you have colon health issues including Crohn's IBS, diverticulitis or colitis, consult with your doctor before detoxing.