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Guest Interview with Penny Baker
about Joseph Rael's Sound Chambers

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The healing visions of Beautiful Painted Arrow - Sacred Sound: A Gift of Alchemical Transformation


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I was first introduced to the work of Joseph Rael when I was asked, by an Abenaki Medicine woman and her friend, to attend the SunMoon Dance in New Mexico. I went in support of these two remarkable women and it was a tremendous spiritual experience for me, on many levels. my experience at the SunMoon Dance Tree

I first met Penny Baker at the Council of Grandmothers Gathering in Fairhope, Alabama and was thrilled to learn she was involved in another of Joseph Rael's visions, the healing sound chambers. I asked Penny to talk a little about her experiences and hope you enjoy learning more about a remarkable man and his spiritual work on the planet.

An Interview with Penny Baker about the Work of Spiritual Visionary Joseph Rael

Penny, how were you first introduced to the Sound Chamber work of Joseph Rael?

Penny: I don't remember exactly...I know the first book I read was BEING AND VIBRATION, written by Joseph. I met him when he came to the EARTHSONG PEACE CHAMBER in Three Rivers, MI to formally dedicate the chamber there. I met Kay Ferry when I took a drumming class from her and she invited me to the peace chambe to drum. The circle expanded from there.

How would you describe what happens for you in the Sound Chamber?

Penny: Peace in every form imaginable to the human being. One can feel the vibrations of sound as you listen, or drum, or tone. There is a knowing feeling of being part of all our relations. There is a spiritual bonding within the chamber and beyond. Being in the chamber offers an awareness that one person can make a difference in the attempt to create peace in the world. It is an honor to be in that vibration with Joseph and the Higher Power we all acknowledge. The experiences are individual in the sacred space there that feel safe. It holds the collective energy of all who have ever entered with intention for peace.

What spiritual gifts have you received through doing this work?

Penny: It is not work. It is a gift.

The vibrations of sound carry many gifts including the creation of the SOUND MYSTERY SCHOOL....a vision of Joseph at the dedication. The school is facilitated by Ruth Eichler and Kay Ferry. Being part of the collective energy and the people connected with Joseph is truely a gift of living and being. I have been able to join in sweat lodges, dances, celebrations, Sound Mystery School, the EarthSong council, and many social events held on the grounds of the chamber. I have attended the international peace chamber conference which Joseph attends/facilatates, and met many persons associated with peace chambers around the world. The many friends I have now connected with the chamber are a true gift. I especially enjoy drumming and toning in the chamber. The grounds there are special and hold beautiful energy.

How would someone learn more about the Sound Chambers?

Penny: There is a brochure available for Sound Mystery School. The history of the EarthSong Chamber is held with Ruth and Vic Eichler, guardians of the chamber. There is a web site. Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow) has a site. Joseph Rael's Website. The chambers for peace were a vision of Joseph and are world-wide. His site gives a history of the creation of the chambers. Also, he has written books that are listed on the site.

Who is Penny Baker? "I am a graduate of the first Sound Mystery School four years ago. That class is still a bonded circle of friends. I have served on the council that shares in creating the future events/activities around the chamber nd related outreach. I am a mentor this year in the present school and hope to continue serving in any way called to me. I receive validation for the inner knowing that I follow with faith and find encouragement from like souls who are called to the study of the power/effects of vibration and Joseph's work." Penny