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A Simple Tip That May Help
Relieve Your Hip and Knee Pain

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Essential Oils and Aromatherapy

Herbs for Body Wraps

Aromatherapy, as a complementary alternative medicine modality, involves the use of essential oils extracted from plants. These volatile essential oils are used topically and also sniffed for beneficial effect. I have used essential oils in my own health regimen for so long that I can't really remember not having them around. Some of my personal favorites are peppermint, tea tree, oregano and rosemary.

Purity matters. I definitely advocate getting pure oils. A lot of the "aromatherapy oils" you may find at pampering types of spas or at drugstores are not pure. The more additives that are used, the more chance of an allergic reaction. It's also important to get quality oils if you are going to use them for any type of medicinal purpose. One very unique way essential oils may assist the body in healing is called the raindrop technique. There are many variations that utilize healing oils on the body and spine but the one I first read about and experienced was Gary Young's Raindrop Therapy. His sequence of specific oils certainly felt synergistic and powerful to me. Althought you don't have to use Young Living Oils to do a Raindrop therapy on someone, it is VERY important to use pure, organic essential oils. You are bringing nourishment directly into the spinal column and blood supply and it's important to avoid bringing toxins in as well.

Help For Left Knee and Hip Pain
If your left knee or left hip hurts, specifically, here's a tip.....

Notice how you get in and out of your car when you drive.

If you swing your left leg out before your turn your body at the trunk, this could be a major cause of your pain!

Just by remembering to swing both legs out, and pivot your hips around before putting weight on your legs and getting out can help a lot.

Notice also, when you drive, whether you sling your right leg in and enter the car at an unnatural angle .... you probably do unless you change it consciously.

Sit down first, then swing the right leg and left legs in, then finish pivoting the hips  forward.

Believe it or not, just making this simple adjustment myself helped with my own left knee and hip pain. I got the tip, like I have gotten other good health tips, from my chiropractor. If you are experiencing joint or muscle pain, talk to your chiropractor about whether or not it might be due to habits like getting out of the car the wrong way, sitting at your desk incorrectly, etc.

Health Disclaimer: Any kind of persistent, chronic or severe pain needs to be evaluated by a healthcare professional. If you are experiencing unusual knee or hip pain, and this simple exercise does not help, please see your doctor.