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Apostolic Laying on of Hands Healing
Did the Apostles Pass on the Gift?

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Apostolic Healing: Laying-On-Of-Hands - Did this spiritual gift die with Jesus and his chosen 12?


Overcoming the fear of transformation

Jesus laid hands on the sick and they became well. He gave his apostles power to cast out devils and perform miracles in his name. He also gave the apostle the dispensation to pass this gift to others. Did this dispensation of healing power end with the people the apostles touched during their lifetimes or were those so touched also activated in such a way as to pass on the gift to all the world?

I believe the capacity to heal as Christ heals lies within every person, waiting to be activated by our intent and will. Jesus said that the same things he did, we could do, and more. I believe those words. In my experience, each healing modality has it's own energetic gridline. Though all are informed by the same quantum healing energy back of the universe, the energy I call God, they are not all the same in application in my experience. When I feel the frequency of Jesus, it feels different than the frequency of Reiki, for example.

Healing as Jesus Healed....Is it Possible for us?

Question on healing: Can people still practice apostolic laying on of hands today? Can we heal like Jesus and his apostles healed?

Healing Facilitation Response: I was raised in the Church of Christ, where prayer was recognized as a powerful healing force but the practice of laying on of hands in apostolic healing tradition was not practiced. However, I had a brother who was a Pentacostal preacher so I found out about apostolic healing through him and later, experienced it personally at the hands of a woman very strong in that faith. It was a powerful experience that left me on the floor, trembling.

I have also been in church services where preachers touched me and I felt no virtue come forth from them so I can understand why some do not believe. If you have not had a true experience with apostolic healing, it is easy to just dismiss it as an emotionally induced experience without real power. Once you do have the experience, you know that it is real.

So ... how is this type of healing different from Reiki or other forms of energetic healing? I can only speak of my own experience but I believe apostolic healing is a dispensation of Spirit designed to actively stir up and root out blockages. As such, for me, it was more physically aggressive. I literally shook and it was uncontrollable.

Although I have had full body shaking in Native Ceremonies and even in Reiki healing sessions, it is not commonly as violent as what I experienced with apostolic laying on of hands. And, of course, apostolic healing may not be the same for everyone as it was for me. In looking back on similar reactions, like the one where I held The Pipe, experiences where there is direct dispensation of Spirit have always effected me that way.

In comparison, when I'm receiving energy transmitted thru a healer for the purpose of healing specific issues, the physical reactions are not so intense. With direct dispensation of Spirit, the entire being is transformed and instantaneously affected.

Spiritual Health Disclaimer: I am aware that my views on laying on of hands may be contradictory to the belief system of some who practice the Christian faith. While I have respect for every person's spiritual path, I respect my own path equally so I do not entertain debate about it. It's my reality I'm sharing and not that of any recognized Christian church. I do not believe prayer, faith and access to healing vibratory frequencies are the exclusive domain of any religion of spiritual path although specific ceremonies and protocol may be exclusive and a specific part of what it means to be a part of a specific religion.