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What Causes Left-Sided Headaches?
Help for headaches on left side

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Causes and Help for Left-Sided Migraines and One-Sided Headaches


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Do your headaches always happen on the left side of your head? This is part two of a response to an email I received about a spiritual healing session. The person who had the experience was suffering from pressure on the left side of her head before the session. In part one, I addressed the basic question of whether it is usual or "ok" to feel as if you go somewhere else during a healing session In part two, I want to present some possible causes of left-sided headaches, pressure on the left side of the head and left-sided migraines. This is only a partial list. Check with your doctor for drug interactions and other tests that might help identify why you are having a headache only on the left side of your head.

What causes left-sided headaches?
The first thing I'd consider if suddenly developing a headache on only one side of the head, whether right or left, was whether I had sustained an injury to head or neck recently. If so, and the headaches started after that, it would be advisable to see a doctor. Injury can cause inflammation. There may also be a slow, internal bleed after a head injury which could become life-threatening, if left untreated. Menningitis may also cause swelling at brain stem and headaches so be sure to rule out any underlying medical conditions. Assuming there has been no recent injury, it would still be wise to check with your doctor if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease or any other serious health condition.

Ruling out drug interactions that could cause headaches is a good first step to take with your doctor as well. The need for ruling out interactions with your medications increases by the number of meds you take. The more meds you take, the greater the chance that one of them might cause headaches or that some combination of the drugs taken together might have headaches as a potential side effect. Talk to your doctor and pharmacist.

Conditions that may cause one-sided or left-sided headaches: There are literally hundreds of reasons for a headache. It would take more time than I've got to research how many of those reasons might also be a factor in one-sided or left-sided headaches. Below is a partial list of factors to consider if you are having headaches:

Dehydration, tension, constipation, hormonal imbalances (menopause), spinal misalignment (chiropractic care may help in these cases), sinus congfestion, nasal polyps, sleeping wrong at night, vision problems, environmental allergies, food allergies, drug interactions, ocular herpes, allergic reactions to natural supplements, allergic reactions to foods, allergic reactions to food additives - MSG big culprit that a lot of people may not even associate with their headaches.

More headache causes: tumors, brain parasites, brain aneurysm, vitamin or mineral imbalances, eye strain, computer strain, dental misalignment, heavy metal poisoning from amalgam fillings that leak, infected tooth or neuropathy from shingles on the face.

Health Disclaimer: Most headaches are not life-threatening. However, some headaches may signal a serious medical condition. If you feel your headaches are more than tension headaches, migraines or sinus headaches, please see your doctor. Any headache that is chronic, where there is no known cause, should be medically evaluated. Overuse of OTC headache remedies is not good so if you find yourself using these daily, please check with your chosen health care professional.