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What an LLT Healing Session may cost; an example of relieving headaches in a healing session

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This is part of an FAQ list about an alternative healing modality called LLT, or LifeLine Technique.

If you are new to LLT, please also read the introduction to LLT here. Thanks to LifeLine Technique practitioner Abigail Thurston for providing this healing information. Now, continuing with frequently asked questions about the LifeLine Technique ....

What does a Lifeline healing session cost, how long does it take and can you give examples of the work?

Question: How long does a LifeLine Technique Session usually last and what does it cost? Can you give an example of how a session might progress to a healing place?

Abigail's Response:; The LLT healing sessions I do are usually about 60-90 minutes long and cost approximately a dollar a minute.

If you are READY for an incredible journey to understanding yourself and the subconscious reasons for symptoms or stress, get a series of healing sessions.

To schedule an appointment please call Abigail A. Thurston, L.M.T., C.L.P. 845.802.3584 or read more about Abigail here and check out her special introductory offer.

An Example of How LLT Works:

Here is a sample of what one might learn from a LLT healing session around a symptom or stress. We will call this symptom headaches, every other day for 2 weeks. The clients' body speaks through the muscle testing with, "Yes" or "No" answers to questions.

The below story is an example of what may arise to bring new awareness and be harmonized with in a LLT healing session.

The headaches experienced every other day for the last two weeks are speaking to you from the subconscious mind. The subconscious can only speak to you through symptoms.

This symptom, headaches, is here to awaken you to your power that you can express your emotions consciously and then your body will no longer need to speak to you through this symptom. So what is the subconscious telling you through the symptom of headaches?

Through utilization of the LLT skills, it is revealed there is an original occurrence of a limiting belief of regret in the heart chakra from the age of 17. This limiting belief of regret is triggered by colors, sounds, feelings and scents.

When triggered you perceive your world through the filter of regret, this is an imbalance in the chemistry of your relationships and your body biochemically. The chemistry being out of balance is powered by the mind-your thoughts that were disconnected at 17. Change is needed to move forward to your intention of having inner peace and self-love.

The element of Water- ability to flow, adapt and change is needed and Earth-your relationship with your Mother and ability to give and receive nurturing. You speak to your Mom in session about love, acceptance, forgiveness and gratitude that you choose for yourself and offer to her. Change is harmonized around Water and Earth elements and the acupuncture meridians represented.

You learn your body and life are dialoging with you through behavioral patterns when triggered cause you to live to die rather than live for life. There is an emotional pattern that is ready to pass away so you can now live for life. After muscle testing through the potential 200 emotions it is identified as craving perfection.

The emotion of craving perfection is harmonized and you have a new awareness of how the broken heart at the age of 17 has caused you to crave perfection and your inability to give and receive love and nurturing through the heart chakra.

Much more is identified and harmonized in a healing session … However, you can hear how the dialogue with your body tells a story of where you are ready to choose change.

First you go back to revisit and harmonize old subconscious emotions then you move forward feeling a little lighter and toward the stated intention of inner peace and self-love. New choices in self-love and personal peace are opened.

A few more sessions may be needed to assist you to dissolve all the blocks that have been programmed in at different times in your life.

LifeLine Technique Sessions help you to use your imagination to go to the place of what you want; to feel it beat in your heart, course through your veins. Results:

Hear yourself speak from a place of what you DO WANT.

See yourself taking actions from a place of what you DO WANT.

Infinite Love and Gratitude!
Why are healers drawn to the LifeLine Technique?

Health Disclaimer: Information about healing modalities such as the LifeLine Technique is not represented as replacement for any needed medical care or evaluation. Be wise with your health.