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LifeLine Technique Side Effects
Detoxing After Healing Sessions

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Are there any side effects after a healing session with the LifeLine Technique?

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This is part of an FAQ list about an alternative healing modality called LLT, or LifeLine Technique and part of an interview I conducted by email with LLT practitioner Abigail Thurston. If you are new to LLT, please also read the introduction to LLT here. Thanks to LifeLine Technique practitioner Abigail Thurston for providing this healing information. Now, continuing with frequently asked questions about the LifeLine Technique ....

Are there any side effects after getting a LifeLine Technique Healing Session?

Question: Are there any side effects to having a Lifeline Technique session? Any detoxing, similar to Reiki Achies, or any emotional impact to be aware of that might occur after the session?

Abigail's Response: Each individual is unique in what is experienced. Some individuals may experience a new awareness of the symptom and how it is communicating to them, to release the emotional cause. For some an issue is, 'one and done.' For most people there is a gradual peeling back of layers to bring the healing desired.

After each session I will provide the client with a page to encourage journaling and fully embracing the issues that arose in a session. For some writing, prayer, forgiveness work, a creative activity like dance or painting or an action step may be needed to own ones power fully.

Sometimes a good healing CRY is needed during or after a LLT healing session. Some choose to share what has transpired with trusted loved ones as part of the process of feeling or letting old emotions go. Emotions are encouraged to be experienced so they can fully be felt and let go of. Energy in motion is E-MOTION. Each individual is their own best healer and doctor.

Several LLT healing sessions may assist a client to bring new awareness and healing around a symptom or stress. I muscle test the individual at the end of the session to see how many LLT healing sessions are needed around an issue.

Each person usually goes through 3 phases of healing as a result of LLT healing sessions. A detox period, where subconscious emotions are identified and harmonized. Rejuvenation, as new positive possibilities are implanted in the mind, body and spirit and finally a Thriving phase.

Personally, at my first of many LLT trainings in Chicago, I experienced an immediate healing of a long lasting physical issue. The following day (still at the training) as I began to chew on the emotional experience in my mind, the symptom recurred immediately. This was powerful information of how I was the healer and creator of my experience. It took a few more sessions to fully detox, rejuvenate and finally thrive as the symptom passed away completely and has never returned.

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Health Disclaimer: Emotional release, detox and healing crisis symptoms possible after any type of energetic healing session. Those with mental or emotional issues should seek out appropriate mental health and emotional health support in addition to whatever energetic healing sessions they decide to try.