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Utilizing Many Healing Modalities
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How do the different healing modalities work together in the LifeLine Technique

interview by N J Howell

This is part of an FAQ list about an alternative healing modality called LLT, or LifeLine Technique. Perhaps you've not yet heard of or experienced this particular healing modality. If so, please read the introduction to LLT here. Thanks to LifeLine Technique practitioner Abigail Thurston for providing this healing information.
Now, enjoy learning about this natural healing modality in the faq's which start right now.....

How do the different healing modalities work together for you, in your LLT healing sessions?

Question: Abigail, the LifeLine Technique is unusual in that it enfolds so many other healing modalities within it. For those unfamiliar with the LifeLine Technique, how do you experience all these modalities integrating and working together for the benefit of the individual who has a session with you?

Abigail's Response: Each individual has had a unique journey that brought them to the symptom or stress that has sparked their desire for healing. So, each individual needs a unique healing experience.

The many healing modalities incorporated into the LifeLine Technique Flow Chart create a menu that the practitioner muscle tests where an individual is choosing to change to a more balanced state and which healing modality to use in that moment.

For most people there will be many, but not all healing modalities represented in a LifeLine Technique (LLT) Healing Session.

How long does an LLT session take and what does it cost?

Health Disclaimer: Healing modalities, like medicine, are different for different people. Not everyone resonates with a particular modality. LifeLine Technique incorporates a lot of different techniques so it may have a broader appeal for some while others may prefer a singular approach.