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How Ask a Healer Supports Limiting Belief Systems


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Being in the flow

This is part of an article on living in the space between things, a state of awareness that has it's focus on the etheric beginning of all physical manifestations. Here, I'm talking about this website, the Ask a Healer Wellness Library. I've come to realize how well I've supported old way thinking, limited belief systems, in providing this health care information.

Please understand I'm not judging myself. In fact, I feel the information here is still valuable based on where a person is in their awareness of non-physical precursers to illness. We are in an awakening flux and most I know sometimes reach for the thing to "do" to feel better for now or to regain balance in the way that a physical supplement can initiate. For now, the wellness library stays put with this disclaimer: I recognize that I am presenting a limited view of what is possible and even real whenever I focus on a condition or a remedy. For some, it may be the focus on the condition or the remedy that is necessary at a point in conscious self-care and I respect that. I respect it in myself as well.

How am I supporting limitation?
1. By providing health information that allows for an even deeper ingrained reality around disease, illness and problems. Those who read the articles on side effects, prescription drug interactions and health challenges will come away with things to "do" on a physical level. That's probably exactly what most will be looking for when they come here. However, the most important things can't be done. The most significant shifts are non-physical.

2. By crystalizing a reality from the quantum field of potential, that said things needed to be healed. As long as we are still in a relationship with illness, it can't help but continue to exist. Shifting out of that relationship has been gradual for most of us. Since December of 2012, rapid change and the opportunity for almost immediate shifting of physical reality is possible.

3. By focusing on healing instead of recognizing that health is always there. This is a very dynamic shift for anyone. To learn how to notice the health that is there is almost impossible when your doctor is totally and entirely focused on telling you the health that is missing. When I write an article focused on health that is missing, I am doing the same thing your doctor does.

4. By energizing the morphic field of disease rather than energizing the quantum healing energy potential of every moment. Every thought any of us has energizes our immediate field as well as the quantum field of the collective mind. To research a disease of health challenge, I have previously always had to hone in on the vibration of the illness itself to find solutions, answers, again ... something for you to "do".

Noticing vs Knowing
It's a fundamental error - to focus on the condition instead of the space around the condition where something new may be noticed. In the simple act of noticing, something new may impact the condition instantly.

Perhaps you are at a similar point in some area of your own life, where who you were and how you lived your life have come to feel foreign? Somehow, maybe even without understanding why, you have found yourself staring into space and sensing that it is more full than it ever felt before?

Perhaps the edges of your reality are losing their rigidity and becoming more fluid. Are you seeing signs that it's time to expand beyond what you know? Are you willing release what you know and embrace unknown potential?

Are you where I am now with this idea? Have you progressed beyond my current understanding of quantum reality? Wherever you are on the evolution wheel, I thank you for the gift of your presence and frequency infusion to this page. I'm excited about the potential to embrace holistic wellbeing as a constant state. I'm excited about witnessing stabilization of fluxuating situations once subject to thoughtforms, belief systems, limiting paradigms and collective consciousness gridlines.

I'm getting more comfortable with not being sure of anything, not knowing anything for sure because knowledge, while initially comforting has kept me in a reality that felt confining and restrictive, and not very close to what my heart wants. I'm releasing that comfortable knowing because the moment I "know" something, I notice that the certainty of knowing closes all the other doors; all the other potentials.