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Exploring what you'd do if you were God


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I participated in a Breathwork session once where, at some point, I just felt I was everywhere at once and everything. It was a cosmic, expansive experience that left me wanting more. I loved the feeling of being connected so strongly that I no longer identified with my body. It was so liberating and exciting. I also felt a deep vibration of love throughout the Universe.

Those experiences are rare for me. I can count on one hand the times I've had that degree of immersion in The Eternal One.

If it's something you want to explore, I found a program that is designed to help. With it, you'll be guided back in time before planets, stars, galaxies and even atoms.

In the creative potential of your imagination, you'll pretend that you were around before the beginning. You'll get to explore how, if you were God, you might design our universe. The second promise of this instant download program is a big one, to me. The promise is that it will make math fun. Ha. I do know that geometry and math have high spiritual relevance. Making the topics fascinating is a tall order. If you try this program, be sure to let me know what you think of it. "The Unity of Spirit and Matter," come along on the ultimate journey: the creation of the universe.

A Positive Way to "Play God"
The Unity of Spirit and Matter
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Spiritual Health Disclaimer: The Law of attraction has many facets and not everyone agrees on the best path of living "in the vortex" as Abraham-Hicks puts it or living by LOA as presented in books like "The Secret". I suggest getting in meditative space and then seeing what speaks to you, from the many resources available today.